ippic 5 years anniversary at the imo n.
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IPPIC 5 years anniversary at the IMO PowerPoint Presentation
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IPPIC 5 years anniversary at the IMO

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IPPIC 5 years anniversary at the IMO

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IPPIC 5 years anniversary at the IMO

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  1. IPPIC 5 years anniversary at the IMO IPPIC 4th Global Marine Coatings Forum Singapore 6-8 November 2012 Ole Borring Sørensen Hempel A/S On behalf of IPPIC PSPC and Anti-foulingWorkingGroups

  2. 5 years anniversary November 2007: IMO granted consultative status to IPPICNovember 2012: 4th Global Marine Coatings Forum

  3. IPPIC – a global organization The IPPIC network Anno 2012

  4. How IPPIC can contribute to IMO • Examples taken from IPPIC’s 2007 application: • IPPIC can provide global expertise on marine coatings formulation: • Independent from the chemical industry • Unique knowledge on R&D and application of marine coatings • Members made major investments in R&D for marine products • Members are the primary resource for information on the development and use of ingredients: • Environmental considerations relating to the use of anti-fouling systems • Support of the on-going IMO activity on the AFS Convention Continued on next slide

  5. How IPPIC can contribute to IMO • Examples taken from IPPIC’s 2007 application: • IPPIC members possess a wealth of experience in: • Technical issues • Environmental issues • Safety issues associated with protective coatings. • This expertise is extremely valuable to MSC on performance standards for marine coatings. • IPPIC’s network of dangerous goods transport experts can provide IMO with resources on Specialized Product Shipments

  6. Anti-foulingactivities prior to 2007 CEPE & JPMA: IMO discussions on the effect of AF use AFS Convention AFS implementation Variouscorrespondence and workinggroups

  7. PSPC activities prior to 2007 PSPC Correspondence group PSPC WG IACS JWG IMO recognition First CEPE representation

  8. WG activitiesuntiltoday Correspondencegroups: Voidspaces, PMA and COT IPPIC JWG AF WG PSPC WG Ballast water management IMO recognition IACS JWG/COT

  9. Wasthere a need for a PSPC WG? We looked for: More networking – also with other interest groups within the IMO work Thoroughly discussed policies to the benefit of everybody More shoulders to bear the workload. Yes, because: • We were involved too late in the PSPC process • The co-operation within the industry was not fully utilized • We have been few actors in IMO delegations and in working groups • No agreed mandate

  10. IPPIC activities in IMO IPPIC has submitted 15 documents since 2007 – alone or together with other organizations

  11. IPPIC submissions

  12. IPPIC submissions

  13. IPPIC finger prints on IMO documents

  14. Joint Research Projects • Comparison of The Effect of Hypochlorite Solutions on Different Ballast Water Tank Coatings, September 2012 • Comparison of test methods on coatings for water ballast treatment systems using chlorine and proposal for test methodology, TÜV Rheinland Nederland, September 2012 • DE 53, Agenda item 7, Cargo Oil Tank Coating and Corrosion Protection – Information on coating test development. Presentation given during IMO DE 53 meeting, 22 February 2010 • Assessment of the influence of the different constituents in artificial crude oil mixtures (6 months), July 2010

  15. Working group members PSPC WG members 2012 Chugoku Hempel International Paint Jotun Kansai Paint Nippon Paint Sherwin-Williams Sigma Coatings (PPG) Technically highly skilled professionals having the knowledge, experience and motivation to participate in the activities of the groups

  16. Working group members AFWG members 2012 Formulators Chugoku Hempel International Paint Jotun Kansai Paint Nippon Paint Sherwin-Williams Sigma Coatings (PPG) Suppliers: American Chemet, Bardyke, Dow, Janssen, Lanxess, Lonza, Nordox, Speiss-Urania

  17. Conclusions • What have the working groups achieved? • Recognized in IMO as the coatings industry’s true representative • Contributed to IMO correspondence-, working- and drafting groups • Contributed to the interpretation of performance standards for coatings • Contributed to Guidelines for the Control and Management of Ships’ Biofouling Continued on next slide

  18. Conclusions • Contributed to maintenance and repair guidelines for ballast tanks and cargo oil tanks • Obtained acceptance for technically more relevant test standards for void space coatings • Obtained an extended implementation period for PSPC/COT allowing more time for developing and testing complying coatings • Established co-operation between GESAMP and NACE as regards corrosion tests for Ballast Water Management systems

  19. 5 years anniversary Thank you to those that have supported us. Congratulations to the IPPIC organization and those companies and individuals dedicated to the work within IMO

  20. Paint – Recognised through ages • Specification for Noah’s Ark: • Coating: Pitch inside and out • LOA: 140 meter • Breadth moulded: ~23 meter • Draught: ~10 meter • GT: ~15,000 tonnes • Pitch is black, and ballast tank coatings must be of a light colour • Pitch is not a hard coating such as epoxy • No specification for number of coats or thickness of the coating • Finally, there was nobody there to type approve the pitch and its manufacturer. So Noah’s Ark does not meet IMO Res. MSC.215(82)