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Web Design Vs Web Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Web Design Vs Web Development

Web Design Vs Web Development

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Web Design Vs Web Development

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  1. Web Design Vs Web Development Web design and web development, very often are considered to be denoting a single idea. However, this is exactly not the case as the two terms are associated with two different concepts. Understanding the line of differences between web development and web design is very important for a person seeking for fresh opportunities in the web industry as a web professional. The two different sectors, namely web design and web development, demand for distinguished set of skills and slightly different work agendas. Thus understanding the differences that lie between them is quite important. Web Design: The term web design is used in the field of web professions when a task is oriented with the designing part of a website, or to frame it in different words, how exactly a web site looks like and in which way the customers interact with it. The web designers deal with the website’s “front-end part” in some way or the other. Web designers must be adept is especial set of skills and they must have a sound knowledge about the principles of design and web usability. They must know how to make a website user friendly, so that the visitors do not face much problems regarding the navigation. The task of a web designer thus aims much higher to that of making a website look impressive. The web usability and the visitors’ interactions with the site are the most important things of concern for a professional web designer. The web designers must understand well the technique of using the right and the most user friendly interface for the concerned website that they designing. Web Development: Web development deals with a much broader spectrum and is associated both with the front -end development and the back-end development of a website. A front-end web developer will be dealing with the visual development of a site, and in this case they may either create a design or can even handle a design provided to them by the visual designer. The visual design is built up in a code by the web developer. HTML is used for dealing with the structure of the site, CSS and at times Javascript deals with the styles and the layouts of the site. While the small projects do have only the front-end part of a website developments, bigger projects deal with both the front-end and the back-end parts of website development. Back-end web development part is associated with more complex and advanced programs and software and it focuses mainly on the visitor’s interactions with the web site and the

  2. functioning of the web site when the users use certain commands. The work on the part of the web developer may include the creation of Ecommerce and shopping carts or that of creating the code for the database. Programming CGI and scripts like PHP also fall within the periphery of activity of goods web developer. The web developers at times need to have a sound knowledge about the software packages like Application Programming Interfaces to understand better the customer’s requirements. Most often the fine lines of differences between the web developer and the web designer is jumbled up by the majority. However, it must be remembered that no matter what the field is, having a crisscross knowledge of both is very important for making a successful web professional. In the fields of web designing and web development, the Florida based design company, Wheelistic Web Design has attained the heights of success and the company is presently involved with a number of important projects. It also has a large, global client base. To know more about the web design services provided by the company, click on Author Bio: The writer of this article regularly writes designing related contents for the SEO and the blog posts of Wheelistic Web Design Company.