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Accessing Journals in Electronic Full Text PowerPoint Presentation
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Accessing Journals in Electronic Full Text

Accessing Journals in Electronic Full Text

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Accessing Journals in Electronic Full Text

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  1. Accessing Journals in Electronic Full Text Jennifer Lyon, MS, MLIS Eskind Biomedical Library Last Updated: 02/18/10

  2. Starting From PubMed Some links to full text are available from PubMed. After doing search, select the “Abstract” Display setting and click Apply.

  3. Pub-Med Full-Text Links (2) • Multiple buttons available • Publisher button – May/May not be free • PubMed Central button – Free to anyone • Online @ Vanderbilt button – Free to VUMC • Local Print button - May be here in hard copy

  4. PubMed Full-Text Links • Does not include links to all VUMC-available full-text journals • Does contain some links provided by the publisher who wants you to purchase the articles • Occasionally will not work properly BOTTOM LINE: Do not assume we don’t have it if you can’t link from PubMed

  5. OVID Full-Text Links Some links to full text are available from OVID. Look for: PDF Full Textor OVID Full Text But…

  6. OVID Full Text • Does not include links to all VUMC-available full-text journals • Not all articles are available in pdf format; some are only available in HTML or ASCII text BOTTOM LINE: Do not assume we don’t have it if you can’t get the full text in OVID

  7. How to Get Full-Text • EBL Digital Library • ACORN • Worldcat • Document Delivery Service

  8. EBL Digital Library • Contains all electronic journals that EBL provides, but does not contain information on print collection • Does not contain all electronic journals provided by other Vanderbilt libraries • Handles some journal abbreviations, but not all: search with full journal titles • Browse journals alphabetically by title, subject or collection • May contain trial subscriptions for journals EBL is considering purchasing; some may be outdated • Will supply username and password for journal if required by publisher – ONLY source of this information

  9. Note: Finding journal full titles Use PubMed’s journal database

  10. PubMed Journals Database • Search with abbreviation to find full journal title • Note: ONLY includes journals in PubMed

  11. Alternative Sources for Full Journal Titles • Ulrichs • WorldCat

  12. ACORN

  13. Search ACORN for Journal • Type in journal abbreviation or name • SELECT “periodical title begins with” from dropdown menu • Click Search button

  14. About ACORN • Contains full collections of ALL Vanderbilt Libraries (EBL, Science, Central, Education, Law, Management, etc.) • Contains BOTH electronic and print journals • Usually accepts journal abbreviations

  15. ‘Periodical Title Begins With’ search provides alphabetic list of available journals that begin with your query: Select and click on the title you want.

  16. Results show records for BOTH print and electronic versions IF available Print = “shelved by title” – click on details Electronic = “available online” – click on “VU Finder” button

  17. VU Finder Displays all electronic access sources for the journal Note the availability, which varies depending on source A journal may be available from multiple sources Click on the “Go” buttons to access the journal

  18. Problems in ACORN • Multiple libraries and librarians entering records, so can be redundant or have mistakes • Not all journals can be found using abbreviation: if abbreviation doesn’t work, try full journal title • If something looks wrong or isn’t working: CALL Eskind at 6-1410

  19. Example:Jt Comm J Qual Improv • Search for this in digital library with abbreviation – is not found • Find full title in PubMed Journals: Joint Commision Journal on Quality Improvement • Search Digital Library and ACORN with full title: journal is available in EBL in print from mid-1993 to 2002.

  20. Example: J Accid Emerg Med • Some journals undergo name changes!!!! J ACCID EMERG MED = EMERG MED J Search digital library with ‘J Accid Emerg Med’: Search digital library with ‘Emerg Med J’:

  21. Journal Name Changes: PubMed’s Journal Database

  22. Also Note: • If a login required by journal publisher, that information is ONLY available in the digital library, not ACORN • Some journals only give us certain date ranges or may be missing some years • If it looks strange or you think you should have access and don’t – CALL US!

  23. Who In The World Does Have It? • “Worldcat” - • Collection information for many libraries combined

  24. WorldCat Example: Journal of Asthma

  25. Last Resort:Document Delivery

  26. About Document Delivery • Order via EBL’s Document Delivery service NOT the ACORN service • It is free to you if the journal is not available at any Vanderbilt library in print or electronic form • EBL picks up the cost, so don’t abuse

  27. If you really get stuck… • Call Eskind 6-1410 • Submit questions with AskELIS • • Call me 6-5787 • Email me: