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How Content Marketing Can Be Useful PowerPoint Presentation
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How Content Marketing Can Be Useful

How Content Marketing Can Be Useful

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How Content Marketing Can Be Useful

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  1. How Content Marketing Can Be Useful

  2. Why Content Marketing Works Before I show you the data, let me explain the fundamental reason why content marketing works better for businesses: It works for prospective customers. The best promotional content for your business is content that provides concise and complete answers to your prospective customers’ most common questions. Every day your target customers ask questions in social networks and search engines, which lead them to your content where they find the answers they need.

  3. 5 Data Points for Content Marketing Paying for website traffic is expensive. According to VentureBeat, the average cost for many industries to purchasing a single website visitor is between $1.00 and $3.50. 1. Paid online advertising is not only less efficient, it’s expensive too. If you’re a locksmith with a citywide service area, paying $3.50 per website visitor is crazy. For the highly performing small business, 100 website visitors purchased for $350 turns into 20 sales leads, which turns into five booked appointments.

  4. 5 Data Points for Content Marketing Generate more leads. According to HubSpot, small businesses that use content marketing generate 55 percent more website leads at a cost that is 62 percent less than leads acquired through paid advertisements. 2. Using paid cost-per-click advertisements to get 20 sales leads from your website cost you $350. Based on point 2 you could have instead gotten 33 sales leads for a cost of $133 had you been doing content marketing.

  5. 5 Data Points for Content Marketing Much less expensive. A press release by Eden Platform, a business I used to own, shows adding one new piece of content to a small business website each week for one year produces search engine traffic equal to that from a $90,000 paid advertising campaign. 3. Unlike paid advertisements that are only displayed in the search engines while your credit card is being actively billed, new content on your website lives on and can continue to attract thousands of prospective customers every year.

  6. 5 Data Points for Content Marketing The more content, the better. According to HubSpot, businesses with websites with 401 to 1000 pages get 600 percent more leads than those with 51 to 100 pages. 4. The search engines care about the scale and freshness of your content. Larger and more recently updated websites achieve higher authority and the search engines deliver more visitors to these websites.

  7. 5 Data Points for Content Marketing Content marketing is growing. This eMarketer article shows that content marketing is growing. Three out of four small businesses plan to increase their content marketing efforts in 2013. 5. But there is good news too. Based on point 5, chances are, one of your four most annoying competitors isn’t going to be doing content marketing this year. Who’s going to get their sales leads as they slip behind? Launch your content marketing strategy soon and their sales leads could be your new sales leads in 2015.

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