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5 Excellent Tips to Make Your Website User Friendly PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Excellent Tips to Make Your Website User Friendly

5 Excellent Tips to Make Your Website User Friendly

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5 Excellent Tips to Make Your Website User Friendly

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  1. 5 Excellent Tips to Make Your Website User Friendly Straight Up Marketing

  2. Your business website is an amazing online communication tool that is accessible by millions of consumers. The site is often the first introduction for your business so you better make it count. Here are a few tips that can help you to make your site user friendly. Online presence is quite important for your business’s success, so ensure that your website looks like one in a million. With so much competition nowadays, the users don’t wait even a minute on slow website and switch to sites that are easier to navigate.

  3. Making a business site effective is not about adding bright elements or attractive fonts or colour, instead it’s more about the conveying the message and core values to the consumers in a clear and concise manner. What are the best ways to achieve this goal? Here are some tips that you can use to make your website more user-friendly and effective.

  4. Keep It Simple • There’s simply no need to add too many animations, pop ups, revolving buttons, videos and similar things. These things often play a negative role by distracting the visitors from the basic reason they have visited the website. The visitors are distracted from their core purpose which ultimately may have converted them into a paying consumer. The site must have an uncluttered design and no unnecessary web design elements.

  5. Navigation • In the virtual world, you’ll find most of the sites aren’t easy to navigate. No one likes to get confused while surfing, so make your website extremely easy to navigate. Ensure that the buttons in the website are visible easily and every page of the site has a menu to navigate.

  6. Content is Still Important • Write simple content that speaks about your products and services in a clear manner. Don’t make a mistake of showing reluctance in hiring professional copywriter. Never consider hiring content writers as an unnecessary expense because poorly written website content drives away the visitors. Do not use extremely large blocks of text as it might put readers off. Along with small concise paragraphs, you can use sub-headings. Content must be well organised which makes reading easier and emphasises on key points.

  7. Loading Should be Quick • So your business website has high quality content and it is easy to navigate – that’s enough? Not Really. There’s simply no meaning to have great looking site if it takes lots of time to load. Though internet speeds have improved in the last few years, still majority of websites don’t load quickly, especially on mobile devices. Sites that load slow might prompt consumers to look elsewhere. Ensure that your business site loads quickly and this can be done by hosting with a reputable company that offers reliable servers.

  8. Go Mobile • With higher number of people using Smart devices nowadays, it’s has become a high priority to have a mobile site of your business. Google ranks better websites that are mobile friendly, so you if haven’t done that yet then search for web design Gold coast to make your site mobile friendly.

  9. Thank You Straight Up Marketing