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How To Protect Your Website From Black Hat SEO PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Protect Your Website From Black Hat SEO

How To Protect Your Website From Black Hat SEO

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How To Protect Your Website From Black Hat SEO

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  1. How To Protect Your Website From Black Hat SEO StraightUp Marketing

  2. Black hat Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is popping right into a hugely-debatable issue among the experts. The strategy of implementing methods to wreck a competitor’s rankings is absolutely nothing new. Even though black hat experts used to offer chunks of back-links to your website at a price, now they might offer loads of back-links towards your competitor’s website. Apart from using back-links to help your Page-Rank, they will now use it to damage your competitor’s Page-Rank.

  3. Understanding Black Hat SEO • Black hat SEO attack can take different characteristics: • Hacking your business website • Developing countless spammy connections to your site • Copying your website’s content, blogs and article and spreading it in all the places in the Internet • Directing spammy/negative links or phrases to your website using keywords • Producing fake social media profiles and tarnishing your online reputation

  4. How To Protect Your Website? • When you are working with website in an incredibly intense field/market and therefore are heavily stressed/worried due to the challenges of black hat SEO, notably for those who themselves have got fined or punished from Google in the past, here are stuff you can perform to protect your website from black hat SEO.

  5. Apply Every Google Webmaster Tools • Ensure that you have Google Webmaster Tools set up for your site. • Alerts will be sent by Google in situations like: • Your website is getting attacked by malware • There are issues with server network • The WebPages aren’t filed • Google gives you a manual punishment

  6. Keep an eye on Back-links Profile • Here is the most important shift to make to avoid spammers from getting success. Often, they're going to execute damaging search engine optimisation against your website by making lower quality sidetracks or connections. It’s all-important to stay aware when anyone is trying to create connections or sidetracks to your website and the best way to do this is by keeping a complete track of your profile. You can use various types of tools to check if anyone is trying to build connections with your website.

  7. Get rid of Unwanted Backlinks • Simply visit the source of the back-links and request them to remove the spammy links. Abide by a search engine optimization checklist or record the correspondence, mainly because it is excellent to acquire evidence to indicate you’ve done everything possible to handle the situation before asking Google for intervention.

  8. Disavow Tool by Google • By using disavow tool, you can ask Google not to consider very low-quality connections when they come to your website. Ensure that you give proper consideration to GWT cautions. Look at your website’s malware status, and see the list items the website is recorded in. Check the WebPages you visit through Google and those which you reach directly from your browser.

  9. Protect Website from Malware and Hackers • Protection is enormously important. You wouldn’t like the idea of having spam on your website and you have no knowledge about it. There are a few other also that you can do to ensure complete safety of your business website. If you’re making use of WordPress, then you can install Google Authenticator Plugin and produce a verification password. Each time you sign into your website which is running on WordPress, you will be asked to enter a code number generated by Google Authenticator that will be delivered to your phone.

  10. Conclusion • No matter how tough you make an effort to make sure the security of your website against the black hat search engine marketing hackers, you might become a victim anytime. This means that you need to have a backup approach to face some unexpected difficulty. If you carry out everyday backups, you might abstain from shedding vital info in the event of black hat SEO attacks your website.

  11. Thank You Straight Up Marketing