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Responsive Web Design-The Best Way to Make Your Website a Hi PowerPoint Presentation
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Responsive Web Design-The Best Way to Make Your Website a Hi

Responsive Web Design-The Best Way to Make Your Website a Hi

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Responsive Web Design-The Best Way to Make Your Website a Hi

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  1. Responsive Web Design The Best Way to Make Your Website a Hit! Straight Up Marketing

  2. Responsive web design is an excellent option to make your website compatible with all types of screens or devices. Google recommends to have a responsive web design as it makes its work easy to grab all the content from your website. With the advancement in technology of modern times, mobile has become a new standard. This has eventually led to a greater need to provide a much better user experience on the internet. To achieve your marketing goals, what you need is a website that works effectively on every device. Here, responsive web design comes into the scene.

  3. Responsive designis one of the hottest trends of 2014, it streamlines the development process for mobile and desktop website design. It ensures that the content of a website is consistent on all types of devices. This means, a designer built a website and it can be used seamlessly on any screen. So, you don’t have to waste any extra money to get a separate website for mobile or any other similar device. • The following statistics will give a clear idea: • 30% of all websites are responsive • 45% users will leave a web page, if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. • 40% of mobile users face difficulty while using a web page • 60% of companies had increased sales after designing a website specifically for mobile • The message is quite clear, if you need a response, get a responsive website.

  4. Why Use a Responsive Website Design? • There’s simply not to use the advantage provided by responsive web design, when embarking on a new design for the website, considering a mobile strategy or redesigning an existing website. Here’s the reason why: • Responsive design is highly recommended by Google: Back in the year 2012, search engine giant Google suggested responsive website design and considers it a best practice for websites that are smartphone-optimized. But what’s the reason behind it? Responsive designs have a single URL for your mobile and desktop content, making it easier for users to interact, link and share. This ultimately helps Google to find your content more easily as it doesn't have to crawl a page to retrieve and index content of a website.

  5. More Cost-effective: It is obvious that you’ve built multiple versions of a website for various types of devices, if it doesn’t have a responsive design. But, you’ll require only one website if you go for a responsive design. This also means that only one content management system and one version of the code will be required. Ultimately saving you time and money. • It will keep you ahead in the competition: Statistics have shown that only 3% of websites are currently optimized to retrieve the full benefits of a responsive web design. So, there is an excellent chance to get a significant edge over your competitors by jumping on this new trend and hiring a renowned professional company for web design Gold Coast is quite famous for reputed web design and web development companies. With a responsive website, there will be less requirement for any maintenance, allowing you to focus more on your business.

  6. Thank You Straight Up Marketing