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Top Reasons To Have An SEO Check Of Your Website Today! PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Reasons To Have An SEO Check Of Your Website Today!

Top Reasons To Have An SEO Check Of Your Website Today!

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Top Reasons To Have An SEO Check Of Your Website Today!

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  1. Top Reasons To Have An SEO Check Of Your Website Today! Straight Up Marketing

  2. SEO industry has become a tricky area in the marketing world today! However, we are completely aware of the fact the there’s a need of process that can help us to be found on search engines. We also know that there’s no need to act “smart” with Google’s algorithm. Acting extra “smart” might lead us into a totally wrong direction and possibly increasing the chance of getting penalised by various search engines.

  3. The greater we speak about search engine optimisation, the fewer we appear to know it—which makes it quite crucial to go back and revisit the fundamentals of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Our goal is simple – all we want is that our targeted consumers can find us easily in search. Search Engine Optimisation teaches us how to become expert logistically and technically so that we can excel in this process of discovery.

  4. However, you should go for a SEO check, if you discover these signs: • You Observe An Unexpected Drop In Targeted Visitors • An unexpected fall in the number of website visitors may clearly mean that Google is facing difficulties in indexing or has penalised the website. To sort out this issue, you can take 2 steps – first is to consider the complete volume of site traffic that is being generated and second is to create a landing page report to figure out search impressions. In case you observe a big decrease in number of visitors, but no difference in the search visibility, then the problem isn’t connected with SEO.

  5. Branded Or Long-Tail Keywords Aren’t Performing Well • There might be some sort of technical problem in your website, if you aren’t performing well with branded or long-tail keywords. Hire a SEO Gold Coast based expert, who can perform a technical SEO audit immediately. If you’re unable to find an exact issue, then there’s a chance that you might be facing a Google penalty. However, an expert SEO Gold Coast based firm can help you in dealing with such types of issues.

  6. Low Or No Engagement On The Website • If your site isn’t responsive or optimised for mobile then you might witness a drop in the traffic of mobile users. There can be frictions and longer load times that can affect your consumer base to a great extent. Hire SEO Gold Coast expert who can help you in managing your website in a lot better way.

  7. Thank You Straight Up Marketing