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Firestone Roofing

Firestone Roofing

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Firestone Roofing

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  1. Firestone Roofing Byhttp://gafroofing.co/firestone-roofing/

  2. Firestone roofing system is being managed by the Firestone Building Products division of the Firestone Diversified Products, LLC. The company is a subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas which is being managed by the Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s leading company for tires and rubber.

  3. Bridgestone bought the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in 1988 and infused a much needed financial and human resources into restoring Firestone to its former glory.

  4. Firestone first introduced RubberGard EPDM in 1980 that paved the way for the company’s prominence in the roofing industry. The famed roofing system is made out of a single-ply rubber polymer the allows designers and contractors a variety of installation options like ballasted, fully adhered or mechanically attached to ensure superior protection against any weather conditions and resistance against the strongest wind power.

  5. The RubberGard EPDM still continues to dominate the market because of its durability and flexibility over a wide array of construction.

  6. In 1986, Firestone introduced UltraPly membranes to break into the thermoplastic roofing niche. The UltraPly was made especially for structures with low slope roofing requirements and it also currently meet the Energy Efficiency Standards for Residential and Non-Residential Buildings as set by the state of California. This roofing system is also listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) due to its exceptional features and attributes.

  7. Firestone further diversified their product range by including bitumen roofing systems from acquiring Teltex/ International Construction Materials (ICM). Firestone also began manufacturing ISO 95+ compliant polyiso insulation from acquiring T.S. Industries six insulation manufacturing plants in 1989.

  8. Firestone further diversified its roofing system with the 45-mil polyester-reinforced RubberGard to its product line in 1991 and by 1993, Firestone’s QuickSeam Tape System started revolutionizing its accessory product range.

  9. Not long after, Firestone introduced the self-adhered base system in 1996 and UltraPly thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) in 1999 that cemented Firestone roofing as one of the leading names in the commercial roofing industry.

  10. In 2003, Firestone launched the industry’s first ever 30-year warranty with the RubberGard Platinum EPDM and in 2005, through the acquisition of Copper Sales, Inc, Firestone started to offer metal roofing products as UNA-CLAD by Firestone.

  11. The year 2006 marked another milestone for Firestone as they introduced a second brand of roofing system to the market called GenFlex after acquiring GenFlex Building Products from OMNOVA Solutions Inc. This also marked a significant acquisition in the form of a thermoplastic membrane manufacturing plant in Alabama and a distribution center in Ohio.

  12. Firestone continues to be one of the country’s leading expert in roofing system as they launched another industry first in 2006 with the first 30-year thermoplastic polyolefin warranty with the release of UltraPly TPO Platinum Roofing System.

  13. 2009 marked another milestone with the creation of a new business division, Firestone Energy Solutions, which caters to provide source solution for roofing and rooftop photovoltaic needs. Here’s a look at the extensive selection of the Firestone roofing systems –

  14. Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) – The most popular choice for low-slope roofing needs are made from quality synthetic rubber compound that is made to be versatile and durable. • Firestone RubberGard EPDM • Firestone RubberGard Platinum EPDM • Firestone RubberGardEcoWhite EPDM • Firestone RubberGard R.M.A.

  15. Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)  - This heat reflective and energy efficient roofing system is ideal in blocking off ultra-violet radiation and chemical contact like in acid rain. • Firestone UltraPly TPO • Firestone Platinum TPO • Firestone ReflexEON TPO • Firestone UltraPly TPO XR

  16. Green System – Firestone is also fulfilling its responsibility to nature by ensuring that the materials and process is both environment friendly. • RubberGardEcoWhite EPDM • UltraPly TPO • ReflexEON TPO • AcryliTop Coating • Metal Roofing Sytems

  17. Asphalt System • Firestone SBS • Firestone APP • Firestone BUR • Self-Adhered Base • Modular System

  18. So what is the Firestone roofing difference? The difference lies in the Firestone name. The Firestone name is your guarantee that your roof will withstand the abuse from the wind, storm, snow and sun. A proven track record, comparatively low installation costs and the seal of a global leader in the commercial roofing industry.

  19. Moreover, the first in the industry to offer a 30-year hassel-free warranty reflects upon the confidence of the company on its various Firestone roofing products. This is why the company believes that “Nobody Covers You Better” than the Firestone roofing.

  20. Firestone Roofing For more information, please visit http://gafroofing.co/firestone-roofing/

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