terminal commissioning case study terminal a logan international airport n.
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Terminal Commissioning Case Study- Terminal A Logan International Airport PowerPoint Presentation
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Terminal Commissioning Case Study- Terminal A Logan International Airport

Terminal Commissioning Case Study- Terminal A Logan International Airport

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Terminal Commissioning Case Study- Terminal A Logan International Airport

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  1. Terminal CommissioningCase Study- Terminal ALogan International Airport ACI-NA Environmental and Operations & Technical Conference May 4, 2008 Brad Jones, PE, LEED AP Sebesta Blomberg Sam Sleiman, PE, CCM Massport

  2. Commissioning AGENDA • What is Commissioning? • Who Performs Commissioning? • How to Internalize Commissioning? • What are the Costs of Commissioning? • Keys to Success • Case Study: Terminal A Logan International Airport

  3. Commissioning On your projects, have you ever experienced: • When the project is over, have you ever felt that you did not get the building you wanted and paid for? • Incomplete training of your O&M staff? • Lack of quality as-built drawings and/or systems manuals? • Inheriting incomplete work from your contractor, that now has to be completed by your O&M staff?

  4. Commissioning “… the Terminal A project has been by far the best project that was turned over to Massport… …to have our personnel available to visit the site, comment and to be a part in the Commissioning process was invaluable. “ – Manager, CHP/HVAC On your projects, would you prefer:

  5. Boston Logan Terminal A • 500,000 sf • 22 Gates • $500M • Three Contract Packages – Terminal, Tunnel, Satellite • First LEED Certified Airport Terminal

  6. Project Highlights • Developed by Delta Air Lines, turned over to Massport for operations • Multiple engineers – mechanical & electrical by different firms • Proprietary systems – fire alarm and building controls established airport systems • Delta utilized third party commissioning – for LEED and to demonstrate to Massport that systems were properly functioning (Note: Massport requires meeting LEED requirements for any development on land it owns)

  7. Definition of Commissioning “Systematic process of assuring by verification and documentation, from the design phase to a minimum of one year after construction, that all project systems function and perform interactively in accordance with the design documentation and intent, and in accordance with the owner’s operational needs, including training preparation of O&M personnel.”

  8. What Is Commissioning? “Deliver a Building that Works” “Develop an Operations Team that can keep it working” Documentation Testing Training

  9. What Is Commissioning? How does Commissioning differ from Inspections? • Building Inspections – Required by law and are minimum standards • Construction Inspections – Review of “static” installation • Building Commissioning – Proactive process that builds from installation inspections through performance checks of dynamic operation of systems

  10. Question: Aren’t I already paying for this?

  11. Answer: 1995 Study of New Buildings • 50% suffered from controls problems • 40% had HVAC equipment problems • 25% had malfunctioning: • Energy management systems • Economizers • Variable speed drives • 15% had missing equipment

  12. Cx Review Question: How will large equipment be moved into and out of the penthouse mechanical room in the future — there doesn’t appear to be any roof access? Answer: “That’s a Day 2 project.” — Architect

  13. Answer: “That’s how we always do it.” — Engineer Design Review Comment: The sequence of operations is general and will not provide enough information to the controls contractor.

  14. Answer: “I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull’s ass, but I’d rather take the butcher’s word for it.” — Electrical Contractor Scheduling Question: So now that the fire alarm vendor has finished his check out, are we ready to schedule the system tests?

  15. “The presence of an independent third party commissioning agent helped to keep design and construction teams focused on developing resolutions to construction issues that would not impact long term building operations. The easy resolution was often not the best for the long term building operation.”

  16. Commissioning Process Pre-Design Phase Design Phase Construction Phase Acceptance Phase Warranty Phase

  17. Commissioning Process LEED FUND.

  18. Design Phase Cx Activities LEED FUND. Design Intent Document LEED ENHANCED LEED FUND.

  19. EarlyConstruction Phase Activities Design Intent Document LEED ENHANCED LEED ENHANCED LEED ENHANCED

  20. Testing and Training Phase LEED ENHANCED LEED FUND. LEED FUND.


  22. Who Provides Commissioning? • Designers • Contractors • Third Party Professional • Owner • Design/Construction Team • Operators • Someone leads effort as Cx Authority, but it’s a TEAM EFFORT!

  23. What Systems are Commissioned? Factors influencing decision: • Past problems? • Risks of malfunction? • Political implications of poor system operation? • How easily will issues be identified with out Cx? • How many parties involved with design & construction of the system? – resolution of issues • Program requirements – LEED, utility

  24. What Systems Are Commissioned? • HVAC • Building Controls System • Electrical • Life Safety • Lighting • Plumbing • Building Envelope • Specialty Systems Selected to meet project needs, LEED

  25. Systems Commissioning

  26. Streamlining the Cx Process • Integration w/ Authorities Having Jurisdiction — Massport Fire & Rescue • Simulated Power Outage Test • Smoke Evacuation Tests • Fire Alarm - Check of AHU’s start/stop, but not damper operation

  27. Importance of Systems Testing • Example: Tunnel Fire Alarm Testing

  28. Importance of Systems Testing • Example: Tunnel Fire Alarm Testing

  29. Importance of Systems Testing • Construction Manager • Mechanical Contractors (3) • Electrical Contractors (3) • Sheet Metal Subs (3) • Air Balancing (3) • Controls Contractor • Fire Alarm Contractor • Architect • Mechanical Engineer • Electrical Engineer • Code Consultant • Delta Owner’s Rep • Massport Owner’s Rep • Massport Facilities • Massport Fire & Rescue • Massport Code Consultant 24

  30. Overview of Results • Short Circuit & Coordination Study – Caught Incorrect Breaker Settings • Minimum speed settings on VFD’s and damper operation in smoke evacuation mode – safety issues • Conflicts between designed and installed operating sequences – identified and clarified (e.g. preheat coil valves) • Impact of programmed sequences at central plant • Control point alarm labels clarified at central facilities – identified and resolved • AHU piping and clearances for coil pulls • Duct work access panels • Timers for sump trap primers

  31. Owner Commissioning? How to Internalize Commissioning • Needs Support at All Levels • Identify Champion • Build Proper Procedures • Know Resources/Limitations • Funding Sources • Capital Planning? Operations? • Ask for Help

  32. Cost of Commissioning • 0.5-1% of Total Construction Cost • 2-5% of the Construction Cost of the Systems Being Commissioned • Recommended not Using $/S.F. Unit Costs (too many variables in scope)

  33. Benefits of Commissioning for Terminal A • Supports Effective QC • Eases Building Turn-Over • Reduces Warranty Callbacks • Energy Savings • Persistence of Savings • Occupant Acceptance • Certification/Accreditation

  34. Keys to Success • Develop effective relationships with all team members • Mutual respect for each team member’s contribution • Involve Operations Staff wherever practical • Early & Diligent Scheduling • Manage Expectations • Facilitate a Win-Win Conclusion for All

  35. Summary • What is Commissioning? • Systems-based Documentation, Testing, Training; 0.5-1% of project cost • Why Commission your building? • Independent party keeps focus on owner’s needs • When does Commissioning start? • Ideally early design phase; project dependent based on needs • Who Commissions the building? • Whole project team; Commissioning Agent leads & facilitates • What to Commission? • Project dependent based on needs

  36. Sam Sleiman, PE, CCM 617-561-1873 Brad Jones, PE, LEED AP 781-721-8319 QUESTIONS?