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The Memory Cage

The Memory Cage

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The Memory Cage

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  1. The Memory Cage Part Three Grand Finales

  2. Answer these questions Chapter 21: • What had Tommie meant when he told Grandad to keep shooting? • Why did Peter Webb want to destroy the photos? • Look at the middle of page 190. What effect does the description of the soldiers have on you and your attitude to war? Think back to the ideas that you wrote about the other day. • Explain how Grandad did shoot and fight in the war, even though he was a conchie. • What effect does the last sentence have on both Alex and on us as readers? Chapter 22 • Look at page 194 from after “The swollen river looked ike it was boiling” to page 195 “I took hold of the rope attached to the tree.” a) Make a list of all the words used instead of ‘said’. • b) What do these words tell us about how the characters feel? Chapter 23 • What stopped Grandad from jumping off the Doverham cliff? • What does the author do on page 209 to show that Alex doesn’t want to listen to Miss Kirby? • Why do you think the author sets out the last seven lines of the chapter in this way?

  3. Now we’ll finish the book! • Be prepared to write a paragraph to say what you think about the book as soon as we finish it – even before you say anything to anyone else. • Homework: What is Pandora’s Box? Write a short explanation in your book. • Due Wed 16/5/12 • (e.g. Wikipedia)

  4. Chapter 24 & 25 • Why had Leonard messed up the dark room? • Look at the top of page 221: “The clouds...hidden underneath.” How does the writer use setting to convey Alex’s feelings? • What is the link between Pandora’s Box and Alex’s box? Does the comparison work completely?

  5. Writing about the novel • Write a short summary of the plot without giving away anything. No more than 100 words. • Next, explain who the characters are. • Explain which characters you liked and which you didn’t. Did your opinion about any of the characters change by the end of the book? • Which parts of the book did you think were the best? It might be part of the story, or it could also be something about the way that the book was written.

  6. Book Review: The Memory Cage

  7. An Alternative Ending: • Look back at the end of the book and write an alternative ending. The plot is completely up to you though it must fit in with the rest of the book. • Work on A4 paper in writing or on the computer • I will give this work a level based on all of the assessment focuses (check the front of your book for these). Stretch yourself: • Think about some of the ways that description has been used in the book: water and weather play a prominent part. Try and use these in your own ending of the story. Homework: Finish the ending of the story by Mon 28/5/12