the spring 2014 mea test coordinator webinar will begin promptly at 10 00 a m n.
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The Spring 2014 MEA Test Coordinator Webinar will begin promptly at 10:00 A.M. PowerPoint Presentation
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The Spring 2014 MEA Test Coordinator Webinar will begin promptly at 10:00 A.M.

The Spring 2014 MEA Test Coordinator Webinar will begin promptly at 10:00 A.M.

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The Spring 2014 MEA Test Coordinator Webinar will begin promptly at 10:00 A.M.

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  1. The Spring 2014 MEA Test Coordinator Webinar will begin promptly at 10:00A.M. Thanks for joining. Please mute your phone by pressing *6 to improve the sound quality of the presentation. This PowerPoint will be available at:

  2. WELCOME Maine Educational Assessment – Science May 2014 Test Coordinator Workshop Susan Fossett, Assessment Coordinator, Maine DOE Christine Pitcher, Maine Program Manager, Measured Progress

  3. AGENDA • Test Overview • Infinite Campus State Edition • Administration Specifics • Test Security/Ethics • Non-Routine Situations • Contact Information/Additional Resources • 3

  4. MEA OVERVIEW • Science testing is required but is not part of Accountability determination • Science tests at grades 5 and 8 • Online science testing at Grade 8 is available to schools that participated in the pilot test in 2014 or in online science or writing in 2013. • Measures science content standards • D “The Physical Setting” and • E “The Living Environment” • of the MLR Parameters for Essential Instruction • 4

  5. SCIENCE TEST DESIGN • Plan for additional time: • 5-15 minutes for test distribution and instructions • 15 minutes for the student questionnaire • 5

  6. TEST SESSION TIMES Three sessions per grade level; each session must be administered simultaneously to all students in a grade in a school. • 6

  7. INFINITE CAMPUS STATE EDITION • Data of Record for all reports • Infinite Campus Verification • Key Dates for ICSE student data updates • Student labels are based on enrollments in ICSE as of March 3, 2014. • Final data for reporting will be based on ICSE demographic data as of May 16, 2014. • Students must be exited from your enrollment as of the last day they are counted for attendance. • 7

  8. KEY ADMINISTRATION DATES Materials will be shipped from Measured Progress on April 24, 2014 Call Measured Progress if materials have not arrived by April 30, 2014 Test dates May 5-16, 2014 Automatic UPS materials pick up on Monday, May 19, 2014 The grade 8 Online Science Test Administration Manual and training materials are available at • 8

  9. ROLES • Two Primary Roles – manuals for each • Test Coordinator (principal, guidance, etc.) • Test Administrators (teachers, ed. techs) This presentation highlights some key areas of test coordination but is not intended to replace the content of the MEA Principal/Test Coordinator, Test Administrator, or Online Science Test Administration Manuals which are posted on the MDOE website and manuals for paper and pencil testing will be included in test shipments. The Online Science Test Administration Manual and training materials for the online science test administration are posted at

  10. ROLES • Principal/Test Coordinator: • School’s contact person with Measured Progress • Responsible for accurate ICSE data • Sets testing schedule • Inventories, distributes, collects, and returns ALL secure test materials • Ensures that every student participates • Responsible for the security of all test materials while in the building • 10

  11. ROLES • Principal/Test Coordinator: • Trains ALL STAFF who will administer MEA including ed. techs (subs – not recommended) • Observes and monitors administration • Ensures makeup testing by maintaining a list of students who are absent during testing and which session(s) were missed • Certifies proper test administration (principal only) • 11

  12. ROLES • Test Administrators: • A short training webinar specifically for test administrators is available at: • 12


  14. INVENTORY MATERIALS Alert office and facilities staff – expect materials to arrive via UPS the last week of April/first week in May All boxes may not arrive on same day Open and inventory immediately using Material Summary Form (checklist for received and returned materials) Order additional materials online or by phone immediately, including large-print if not received in original shipment • 14

  15. INVENTORY MATERIALS Reseal and secure boxes of test materials until needed for testing If your school will test both grades 5 and 8, the grade 5 box will contain the Principal/Test Coordinator Manual and instructions for completing the PCPA and questionnaires online If you are testing grade 8 online, the Online Science Test Administration Manual is available at and instructions for the PCPA will be emailed to the principal. Packing Slips – ignore/discard Keep Materials Summary Form to complete PCPA online – materials used, received, and returned • 15

  16. OUT-OF-SCHOOL PLACEMENTS • What if…. • …we need to test a student who is attending a regional program or a Private Special Purpose School (PSPS)


  18. TEST SECURITY & ETHICS • Principal/Test Coordinator’s Responsibilities: • Standardized administration • Provide training to staff to: • follow manuals, • read scripts, • administer sessions in order, • test concurrently within a grade, • follow allowable time limits, • provide accommodations • Ensure that science-related reference materials on walls/desks are covered or removed • Calculators, cell phones, computers and other digital or electronic devices are not permitted • Monitor during testing • 18

  19. TEST SECURITY & ETHICS • Principal/Test Coordinator’s Responsibilities Cont’d: • Materials Security • Maintain control of inventory at all times • Use tracking forms as appropriate • Ensure that secure test materials are not used to prepare students for testing in any way • Do NOT allow students to carry test booklets anywhere • Keep track of extra test booklets distributed for “Read Aloud” accommodation • 19

  20. TEST SECURITY & ETHICS • Test Administrator’ Responsibilities: • Follow guidelines and training in administering the test to students, including accommodations • Cover or remove all science reference materials • Read the test session scripts exactly as written • Monitor students during testing • Ensure the security of all test materials in their rooms • Observe all the policies contained in the Test Administration Manual and/or Online Science Test Administration Manual, including not helping students in any way except as specified • 20

  21. TEST SECURITY & ETHICS • Breaches In Test Security • Any concern about breaches in test security or noncompliance with test administration procedures must be reported immediately to the test coordinator and/or principal, who is responsible for immediately reporting the concern to the district superintendent and the Department of Education testing coordinator: Susan Fossett, Assessment Coordinator 207-624-6775 • 21

  22. ACCOMMODATIONS • MEA Accommodations Guide • Used daily to remove barriers that may exist • Approved by a team • Train ALL test administrators on specific accommodations and provide a copy of all permitted accommodations for each student. • Read Aloud (P3) – use an extra copy of test booklet for test administrator (same form number) • Handling word processor pages (R4) • Large-Print – Special instructions in packet. Test administrator transcribes responses into standard answer booklet. • 22

  23. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS • If a student can participate in instruction, • the student can participate in the MEA. • Five Categories: • Medical Emergency/Serious Illness • Severe Emotional Distress • Death in the Immediate Family • Detention by Law Enforcement Pending Adjudication • Exigent Circumstances Refer to the Operational Procedures for the MEA located at: • 23


  25. ANSWER BOOKLETS • Collect and account for EVERY Booklet • If students have written names on top left – no bubbling needed • Apply student labels – match label to name in top left corner • If no student label, bubble boxes A, B, and C and update ICSE immediately • Page 2 ‘Bubbling’: • Accommodations and/or a Modification that were used - are not supplied by Infinite Campus State Edition • Homeschooled if appropriate • 25


  27. PACKING • Instructions for packing in Principal/Test Coordinator Manual • Pack only one grade per box • Material Summary Form – Use to complete the PCPA and keep for school records • Complete PCPA online (# of used, received and returned materials and signature) • Complete the online Principal Questionnaire and Teacher Questionnaires • No hazardous materials returned • 27

  28. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS • What if… • …testing materials have been contaminated with hazardous biological matter, such as blood or vomit • The Principal may be directed to observe the destruction of a contaminated test or answer booklet and document this situation on the Materials Summary form for school record and in the comments box of the Principal Certification of Proper Test Administration form.

  29. NON-ROUTINE MATERIALS • Special Handling Envelope: Materials that cannot be scanned • Include letter of explanation on school letterhead • Torn/Damaged • Computer Generated Responses • No hazardous materials • Accommodations do NOT require special handling • Do NOT include Special Considerations information • Large-Print: • Return answer booklet normally with other students’ booklets. Remember to return the large-print test booklet and the test administrator’s regular-sized test booklet. • 29

  30. MATERIALS THAT MAY BE DISCARDED • Principal/Test Coordinator Manual • Test Administrator Manuals • PCPA Instructions • Unused Student ID Labels • Packing Slips • Unneeded envelopes • Extra cartons • Extra UPS return service labels • You may keep the Material Summary for school records • You may print a copy of the Principal Certification of Proper Test Administration (PCPA) for school records after submitting it online • 30

  31. 2013-14MEA REPORTS • MEA Science reports will be posted online onAugust 14, 2014. Instructions will be mailed from Measured Progress. • Use the user names and passwords included in the memorandum mailed to schools for NECAP Reports in January 2014. • Complete released science item information, including sample student work and practice tests will be supplied on the Maine DOE website and the Measured Progress reporting tool.


  33. MEASURED PROGRESS CONTACT INFORMATION MEA Test Administration Helpdesk: April 24th – May 30th at (866) 615-2745 General Questions: Year-round at (800) 431-8901, ext. 2599 • 33

  34. MDOE CONTACT INFORMATION General MEA Policy and MEA Accommodations Policy: Susan Fossett at 624-6775 or Science Content Information: Shari Templeton, Science Consultant at 624-6880 or Infinite Campus Helpdesk: 624-6896 or • 34

  35. ADDITIONAL MEA SCIENCE RESOURCES • Additional Test Materials Requests • or by phone at (866) 615-2745 • Test Information & Manuals • Online Science Test Administration Manual and Training Materials • • Science Released Items and Practice Tests • 2007 Maine Learning Results • • 35

  36. ANY QUESTIONS? • Thank you for joining this presentation. • 36