ethics moral agency and moral leadership n.
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Ethics, Moral Agency and Moral Leadership PowerPoint Presentation
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Ethics, Moral Agency and Moral Leadership

Ethics, Moral Agency and Moral Leadership

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Ethics, Moral Agency and Moral Leadership

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  1. Ethics, Moral Agency andMoral Leadership

  2. LEADERSHIP SKILLS Delegation Qualities of a good leader Ethical leadership Accountability Team building

  3. Ethics • An inquiry into the justification of particular actions as well as a search for traits of moral character that promote human flourishing • A study of who we ought to be and how we should make decisions in light of our identity, who we say we are.

  4. Moral Agency? Moral agency is the capacity to habitually act in a manner consistent with moral integrity. It entails a certain set of competencies in matters ethical as well as moral character and motivation At the end of the day is our world, the lives of those we encountered during the day, better for having met us? Am I better or worse at the end of the day?

  5. Moral Sensibility Moral Responsiveness Moral Reasoning Moral Accountability Moral Character Moral Valuing Moral Agency

  6. Moral Integrity A condition or in which moral activity (valuing, choosing, acting) is intimately linked to a particular conception of the Good, the Good Life. Who are you when no one is looking? “One becomes what one repeatedly does…” Aristotle

  7. Commitment to developing and owning a concept of the GOOD. Reflection: Whom do I serve? What is reasonable for them to expect of me? What are the promises I have made to them? How well am I meeting the expectations, being faithful to the promises? How is vision I have of my mission consistent with my behavior? Moral Integrity

  8. “Practicing” valuing, choosing, acting according to your concept of what fidelity to the good/good life demands Reflecting on the consequences of honoring or dishonoring one’s integrity Moral Integrity

  9. Moral Leadership Leaderships is the ability to direct or motivate an individual or group to achieve set goals. Institutional moral leadership is the ability to direct or motivate an individual or group to achieve moral integrity in the pursuit of common institutional goals. Carol Taylor,2003

  10. Explicit and common moral vision Mission and core values are clearly articulated & communicated Mission-focused practices Moral agency is a norm Leaders/managers Articulate rules Recognize & respond to challenges/threats to integrity Structures and policies facilitate moral integrity Institutional ethos/culture supports people doing the right thing for the right reason Hallmarks of Successful Institutional Moral Leadership