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December 2010

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December 2010

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December 2010

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  1. December 2010 Your Natural Microbial Service Provider Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

  2. Bacteria – An age-old practice The idea of using specific bacteria strains beneficially is as old as the ages. Bakers use bacteria, or yeast, to produce the little air bubbles and the sweet taste that is found in bread. Brewers and vintners use of naturally occurring bacteria in beverages.

  3. How Bacterial Degradation Works Applied to industrial uses, it naturally degrades unwanted accumulations.

  4. How Bacterial Degradation Works Because of their minute size, bacteria are very effective at carrying out their functions. To understand this, imagine a fire; a log will burn more easily if it is reduced to chips because more of its surface is exposed to the air and heat. Similarly, bacteria are extremely efficient in their biological actions because their surface area to volume ratio is so high.

  5. What is BioActive? BioActive Services Inc. is a major provider of Biological-Technology Services to producers in the petroleum industry. Our Products Most of our products are naturally occurring, harmless to plant and animal life. Our Services Custom-tailored to the needs of your equipment and production.

  6. Transforming Problems… • From its head office in Grande Prairie, Alberta, it provides environmentally biological solutions to resolve problems, such as: • Paraffin, Scale, Emulsion, and Corrosion Control in Oil Recovery • Systems; • Oil Storage Tank BS@W Removal; • Oil Production Optimization; • Reversing Water, Soil and Hazardous Waste Contamination; and • Controlling Fat, Oil and Grease in Drains, Lagoons and Septic • Facilities.

  7. Into Viable Solutions! BioActive’s team diligently selects the micro-organisms best suited to the petroleum industry, and custom-tailors its services to each of its clients’ needs. Some of the benefits and applications of such services are listed below: • Paraffin Control • Skin Damage Repair •Asphaltene Control • Pipeline Cleaning • Water Injection Treatment • Enhanced Oil Recovery • Scale Control • Water Flood Treatments • Emulsion Breaking • SRB Control • Corrosion Inhibition • Iron Sulfide Control • Site Remediation • Wastewater Remediation • Tank Cleaning Results translate in a lower lift cost and a more fluid productivity! BioActive’s 25-year experience makes it a leader in the microbial field. Its team is dedicated to render services that encourage its clientele’s production – naturally!

  8. Treatments The size and the frequency of treatments will depend on: • Evaluation of the initial treatability test. • Normal well maintenance frequency. • Severity of paraffin problems. • Periodic analysis of well production fluids. Results on over 10,000 oil wells prove that bioorganic treatments are an economical alternative to conventional physical or chemical paraffin controls in the oil field.

  9. Contact Information BioActive Services Inc. Box 22063, Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 6X1 Direct: 780-538-0090 Fax: 780-538-0092 E-mails: We look forward to hear from you!