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Wooden Boats

Wooden Boats

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Wooden Boats

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  1. Wooden Boats By Zack Ujazdowski Period 9

  2. Description of Boats • Used for transportation of peopleand cargo. • Also used for recreational purposes.

  3. Types of Wood used for boats • Plywood- Most of the plywood comes from Pines, Spruce, or Fir • It may have a skin of something else like Birch ,Mahogany, Oak or Walnut.

  4. Types Cont’d • "Marine lumbers" have certain characteristics: glueability, hold fasteners well, resistant to rot, relatively strong. • Other woods: Douglas-fir, long-leaf yellow pine (old growth), cypress.

  5. Types Cont’d • Eucalyptus are also a good choice to consider if you want to build a boat. • If you want a smaller and lighter weight boat, different types of cedars and spruces are better to use.

  6. Types • Marine Ply • Considered to be one of the best used to make a “Seaworthy” boat • Can be made from different types of trees including the pacific maple, hoop pine, and mahogany.

  7. Specific Part of the Tree • The wood you use to make boats should be from any part of the tree except the bark.

  8. Process used to make a boat • First you must pick a design that interests you, whether that be a fishing boat or even a paddle boat. • Different types of boats require more money and time to build

  9. Joining of the woods • The wood used to make boats is generally bought with the dimensions of 8 by 4 feet. • In order to get the frame right, you must apply liquid epoxy on the edges of the wood that are being connected, then put them together and glue a piece of ply to both sides of the seam.

  10. Epoxy • Epoxy is the most vital part in the boat building process • It is an adhesive that is used to keep the wood from letting water in.

  11. Lofting • The process of drawing a full size sketch of the boat to see the sizes and dimensions of the boat.

  12. Painting • To finish off your boat you are making, you chose what color you want to paint it • You should look for a paint that is good over epoxy

  13. Where are boats sold? • Boats are manufactured and sold all over the world. • As well as major industries selling boats, there is also the option of buying used from websites like Craigslist • They are obviously more popular in areas that are near water

  14. Synthetic/Alternative • Fiberglass • Steel- First developed in France and was intentionally used for war. It would eventually be used for cargo ships as well

  15. Additional Facts • Boats date back as far as 3500 B.C. • They were used with oars •  Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach invented the fist motor for a boat in 1886

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