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  1. Now (with EKM) Customer Supplier e.g. OP Main server Org selection, prices EKM server EKM powershop The EKM Shopping Cart can be updated from www.o-o - using EKM product codes. Tail wagging dog.

  2. Other (e.g. Roman Cart Customer Supplier e.g. OP Org selection, prices Shopping Cart server Key techniques: Update web-pages with segments from Org3 product list Update web-ages in routine/batch (FTP) Display pictures selectively Update shopping cart with lists of products from web-pages

  3. Timeliness and Links To Do: D = delete, e.g. Take out News from the Farm Links – standardize with underline or ? “Latest News” – mixture of actual news and headline assertions

  4. About Org Providing organic food is at the center of what we do, but it is not all. We also provide many other products and services that look at things as a whole. Fair Trade products are guaranteed to fight poverty and promote the rights of farmers and producers. Environmentally friendly products like Ecover detergents don't cause toxic by-products like phosphate chemicals that end up causing toxic algae to grow in our rivers and around our coastlines. Recycled products like recycled paper reduce the need to cut down trees, and prevent waste going to landfill. Its about being aware of the big picture, about the impact that our choices have on the world around us, and how that affects us too. Organic food is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and is proven to have higher levels of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants and more nutrients than industrially farmed and processed food. So its better for you! And now we realise that because pesticides are made from petro-chemicals, organic food has a lower carbon footprint than industrially farmed food, so has less impact on global warming. Then there's buying food from local suppliers. This not only helps reduce the amount of fuel burnt in transporting products, but also benefits our local economy. Organic food contains no genetically modified organisms because organic farming uses only natural seeds, crops and animals. Even the feed for our organic animals is GMO free. Our organic meat comes from happier animals raised in natural conditions, who do not suffer the stress that battery farmed animals do. They are also raised in ways that avoid antibiotics or artificial injections that can lead to antibiotic resistant germs.

  5. Welcome Food Sensitivity Test 23rd Feb 2009Half Price Swedish Body Massage for first appointment Acupuncture 3 treatments for price of 2 for Weight Loss or Stopping Smoking in Jan / FebShiatsu - Second treatment 50% discount in Jan / Feb New Dr Hauschka Regenerating Product Range in Stock New veg box orders - FREE delivery to LEEDS UNIVERSITY / LEEDS MET CITY or BECKETTS SITEOr Order a weekly box and get your first 4 boxes with 10% discount Home Delivery Org is working with local alloment group NURTURE - local produce grown without the use of harsh fertilizers and pesticdesOrder a weekly box and get your first 4 boxes with 10% offFREE DELIVERY TO LEEDS UNIVERSITYOrg are now offering Ecover refill service for Washing up Liquid, Laundry Detergent and Fabric Conditioner Return your empty bottles with the driver Reasons to Order a Box from OrgSmall is beautiful: We use produce from local farms unlike some of the bigger box schemes in the UK that use growers from abroad We offer a bespoke service - tell us what you like and don't like Support a local business and reduce your carbon footprint Click here for the latest news from the Farm Wondering what to do with your seasonal veg? Take a look at our recipes section. Product Range Try our extensive household cleaning range for a healthy and chemical free spring clean - ECOVER and ECOVER refills, Earth friendly products, BioD and moreNew Dr Hauschka Regenerating Range in stock nowNew Burts Bees Range in stock now Org has recently expanded our toiletress range - We stock Burt's Bees, Weleda, Green People, Jason, Dr Bronner, Dr Hauschka, Faith in Nature, Desert Essence as well as an extensive suncare range from Jason and Dr Hauschka.Org also has a range of nautral hayfever remedies including Luffe complex by bioforce and Local Yorkshire Honey Café and Catering High quality office cateringWe cater for gluten free / wheat free / dairy free dietsLocal, Organic and Homemade Deliveries within 3 miles made with Bicycle courrier Order a fruit bowl for the office? Want to arrange for organic food for your wedding? Just give us a call. Read the latest review about our soups online Treatment Centre Dr Hauschka Facials £10 off until end of Jan 09 was £80 - now £70 Acupuncture for weight loss (£28) or stopping smoking (£28) 3 for price of 2 in Jan / Feb 09 Shiatsu Jan / Feb 09 Offer second treatment 50% off Are you looking for a space to run a clinic or workshop for a few days? Contact the treatment centre for booking details.Policy £10 booking fee, cancellation policy