plants are plants n.
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Plants are Plants PowerPoint Presentation
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Plants are Plants

Plants are Plants

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Plants are Plants

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  1. Plants are Plants By Jack Johnson

  2. What is a plant? • Plants are very important for the ecosystem. Plants are important to us too. We breathe oxygen and breath out Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Plants are the opposite. They “breath” in CO2 and give off oxygen for us to breathe. There is an ongoing cycle between plants and animals. Oxygen CO2 The ongoing cycle between plants and animals

  3. Parts of a plant • Plants have parts. They have roots (ruuts), which suck up water and minerals, stems (stemz), which bring water and minerals to the rest of the plant, and leaves (leevz), which make sugar for the plant to grow. For example, carrots (kair-ihts) are roots, celery (sehl-ur-ee) is a stem, and lettuce (le-tuhs) is a leaf.

  4. Needs of a plant • Plants have needs. They need water, minerals, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and sunlight. The CO2 enters the leaves and the Oxygen goes out. Sunlight enters the plant and it helps the plant grow. The water goes through the roots and into the stem. The Oxygen passes out of the water and out the leaves. The CO2 stays in the plant. It also gets CO2 from the air. Minerals go through the roots and stem too. Plants basically need need LAWN (Light, Air, Water, Nutrients).

  5. Classifying plants Someways scientists classify plants are by their leaves. They use the vanes (vaynz).

  6. Why plants are important • Plants are important for us to get extra air and get food. So thank plants. But, there’s only so many plants. Once we eat them all, plants won’t exist.

  7. Glossary • Leaf (leef)-a green thing on the edge of a stem • Root (ruut) or (root)-a part of a plant under the ground that soaks up water and minerals • Stem (stem)-brings water to rest of plant • Carbon Dioxide (kar-bihn-deye-ox-eyed)-a waste gas to humans, but plants need it

  8. Credits • Jack Johnson • Jack Johnson • Jack Johnson • Jack Johnson • Jack Johnson • Jack Johnson • Jack Johnson • Jack Johnson • Jack Johnson • Jack Johnson • Jack Johnson • Jack Johnson