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  1. Section Divider: Heading intro here. Measuring impact across a diverse network Vic Stirling Network Manager, Online Centres Foundation May 2012

  2. Online Centres Foundation: Our Vision To deliver large scale social action in thousands of local communities so that everyone can take part in a fully networked nation

  3. UK online centres: the national organisation • Government funded organisation leading, coordinating and supporting a national network of over 4,000 venues • Provide: • A learning website for people new to the internet • National campaigns and support local events • Training and grants to train volunteers & centre staff • Some grants to c. 500 centres & outreach activity p.a. • National partnerships

  4. Three methods of gathering data 1. Registration data and now some more sophisticated google analytics 2. Learner survey, progression survey, ad hoc surveys on themes 3. Research (SID report, new Social Impact tool)

  5. Smarter GovernmentAnnounced: December 2009Started delivery: April 2010 £30m for UK online centres over 3 years to get 1 million more people online

  6. 1. Registration data • Everyone who uses our Online basics tool must register online first. • Those learners who register in a centre will enter a unique centre code. • We capture online registration and then we moved to capture subsequent learning. • This provides us top line information on who we engage on our programmes

  7. 1m online for £30m: How are we* doing?* UK online centres 1 April 2010 – 22 April 2012

  8. Who is offline in the UK? (has NEVER used the internet – UK population)

  9. 2. Learner Survey & Progression Survey • Learner Survey is available on our learning page. Over 1,000 responses a month. • 10% of these respondents are then contacted by our external research agency to be part of our progression survey • The Learner Survey is about demographics and the progression starts to provide us with impact measures. • Other ad hoc reports using our learner base on relevant policy themes, health & happiness

  10. 800k people online for £24m? (Proposed)Cost of £30 per person but do it better Net saving of £166m (versus £127m of first 1m people)

  11. Need to recognise the depth in our network of community partners 66% of over 65s have never used Broadband take-up by area varies from 50% to 80% 41% of disabled people have never used internet *IMD = Indices of Multiple Deprivation

  12. 3. Research & Online tool for measuring impact. • We started with the SID research programme in 07/08. • Used an external research firm to monitor 12k people facing a series of issues over 15 months. • Told us a lot (what we thought we knew and more) but wasn't scalable or sustainable. • 12/13 Community Hub programme – provide the tools to the community to do the IA

  13. Network 2012 • Community Hubs • digital + social impact • The Big Community Hub • Website to curate the most relevant digital tools to grow the efficiency of community organisations

  14. In Summary • Need to collect a range of data and stories • We know that we must involve our Community hubs and wider network in collecting IA • Hubs work in diverse communities, facing different very complex barriers and our IA must be able to cope with this. • Use 'The Big Community hub' as an online platform to pull together the best resources. • Only then can we start to identify common themes on IA across all programmes

  15. Thank You