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Wuz rong W deez kdz 2day? changiN d cochn aprOch 2 mEt d nu gNR8N PowerPoint Presentation
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Wuz rong W deez kdz 2day? changiN d cochn aprOch 2 mEt d nu gNR8N

Wuz rong W deez kdz 2day? changiN d cochn aprOch 2 mEt d nu gNR8N

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Wuz rong W deez kdz 2day? changiN d cochn aprOch 2 mEt d nu gNR8N

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  1. Wuz rong W deez kdz 2day? changiN d cochn aprOch 2 mEt d nu gNR8N

  2. “What’s wrong with these kids today?” Shifting the Coaching Approach to Meet the New Millennial Generation Neil R. Curran MA,CSCS Athletic Department Consultant Lake Forest College

  3. Why do this presentation? • The Coaching Paradigm we’ve been using is past its “expiration date” • Generation Gap is different • Players are ill equipped PSYCHOLOGICALLY

  4. Goals of this Program • Identifying the differences and similarities between the generations to minimize stereotyping and increase communication • Using the Generational Lens to change your view of players • Reorganizing the coach’s thoughts about and toward this generation to aid in the learning process

  5. Goals of this Program • Making adjustments will increase the player’s motivation and increase the level of competition within programs • How do you maintain motivation in the face of repetition?

  6. Goals of the Program • Is there anything else I’ve not included that you wish I had?

  7. The Paradigm Shift in Coaching • Coaching is a TASK of RELATIONSHIPS • Movement from a Coach Centered Approach to a Player Centered Approach • Biggest impact is in our communication with our players

  8. 7 Relationships in Coaching

  9. Coach to Self • Understanding Yourself • Taking Your Own Ego Out of the Equation • Unlearn What You Have Learned

  10. Generational Categories • Veterans (1922-1945) • Baby Boomers (1946-1965) • Generation X (1965-1980) • Millennial Generation (1981-2000)

  11. Theme Patriotism and Faith (especially in government) The Silent Generation The Greatest Generation Events that shaped the Generation: WWII (1-0) Pearl Harbor Korean War (2-0) Beginnings of the Cold War Great Depression Moving Pictures Big Band music Industrial Revolution “Rosie the Riveter” leading into the Halcyon Housewives Veterans (1922-1945)

  12. Motivations: Compliments (i.e. Thank you or Job well done) Hierarchy Resistance to change (i.e. “This is the way my father did it, and that’s good enough for me.” Characteristics: Loyalty Show Respect Strong Work Ethic Patriotism Be Heroic Sacrifice Consider the Greater Good ahead of your own needs Recognition Veterans (1922-1945)

  13. Theme: Anything is Possible The “Me” Generation The Sandwich Generation Events that shaped the Generation: Vietnam (0-1) Civil Rights Movement JFK assassination Watergate Feminist Movement Walk on the Moon Revolution (e.g. Sex, Drugs, Rock-n-Roll) Beetles Protests (e.g. Anti-War, Anti-misogyny, Anti-Establishment) Television: (i.e. “The World in Your Living Room” or The Beginnings of Technological Immediacy.) Birth Control Pill? Baby Boomers (1946-1960)

  14. Characteristics: Optimism Driven (80 hr work week) Feminism Love/Hate View of Authority Don’t Trust Anybody Over 30 Value in Team Approach Motivations: Putting them in opportunities to Succeed Make them feel Worthy Change the World Live to Work If it feels good, do it Baby Boomers (1946-1960)

  15. Theme: “Latch Key” Kids “Slacker Generation” Events that shaped the Generation: Cold War (1-0) Gulf War or Desert Storm (2-0) Fall of the Berlin Wall AIDS The Nuclear Family vs. Divorce Rates Brady Bunch, Family Ties, Cosby Show Video Killed the Radio Star (or would Journey really been as popular if we could have seen Steve Perry first?) MTV (when it still played videos) Beginning of the Internet (“Thanks Al Gore”) Email Just Do it Generation X (1964-1980)

  16. Characteristics: Autonomy Trust is earned not given Flexibility Work/Life Balance Less Company Loyalty (i.e. how does this work for me?) Motivations: Creativity and Freedom Independence Balance Hands on Learning Generation X (1964-1980)

  17. Theme: Immediacy A Generation of Thumbs Generation Next Events that shaped the Generation: School Shootings (i.e. Columbine, Virginia Tech, NIU) Terrorism (i.e. September 11, London bombings,) Marketing Flourishing Internet Fuzzy Logic (“I did not inhale” to “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”) Keeping it Real Globalism Social Networking (i.e. Facebook, My Space, etc.) Technology- The ability to connect 24/7 (i.e. Cell phones, text messaging, IMing, You Tube, etc.) Reality TV Helicopter Parents Millennial (AKA Generation Y) (1981-2000)

  18. Characteristics: Challenge Authority Casualness with authority (i.e. using parents’ first names, The Flip Flop Incident) Everyone is Special and Unique Serve your community Over Scheduled Motivations: Immediacy Opportunities to grow and learn are not enough- must have advancement as well Recognition Millennial (AKA Generation Y) (1981-2000)

  19. Coach to Player • Communication/Motivation • Managing Players’ Expectations vs. Coaching Expectations • Speaking Openly and Honestly without Crushing Hope

  20. The Generational Lens

  21. The Generational Lens

  22. Coach to Team • Team Building • Team Cohesion

  23. Helicopter Parents What does this mean? Role of Communication Coach to Parent

  24. Addressing the Players’ Stress Dealing with On-Field and Life Adversity Coach to Player and Parent

  25. Coach to System (e.g. club, athletic department, school) • Dysfunction of the System • “If you build it, they may come… • …But, then the might leave to another club for more playing time.” • Hard Work = Low Ability

  26. Coach to Coach • Win at all costs mentality • Performance is everything

  27. Where do I get more Information? • Neil Curran – or • The Cheers and the Jeers by Shane Murphy • Way to Go Coach by Ronald Smith and Frank Smoll

  28. THNQ • TUVM 4 cmng, or 4 sum of u stayin, 2day. I hope twas as informative as u wtd. plz dnt hesit8 2 contct me via Emsg or @ Lake 4stcolleG. Id B hpE 2 snd u my presentation or tlk furthA bout NEfin sport sychology, dis gNR8N, or d combo of d 2.

  29. Lake Forest Counseling Services Drs. Bill Divane and Cindy Chatel LFC Athletic Department Jackie Slaats and T.R. Bell IHSCAA Mike Moses and Tom Bower Drs. Wendy Borlabi and Dan Kirschenbaum Specific Thank You