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My Research Project:: Michelle Obama PowerPoint Presentation
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My Research Project:: Michelle Obama

My Research Project:: Michelle Obama

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My Research Project:: Michelle Obama

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  1. My Research Project:: Michelle Obama By: Simeon Chimbanda

  2. BACKGROUND 1: MICHELLE OBAMA FULLNAME: Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama. BIRTH: January, 17 1964 Chicago, Illinois [African American]. Michelle Obama lived with her two parents Frasier and Marian Robinson , along with her brother Craig Robinson. They lived in a 1 bedroom apt. her and her brother both slept in the living room, but split it in half to have there space. t

  3. Background 2:: Michelle Obama • Michelle grew up wit both of her parents. • She went to Whitney M. school. • She also followed her brother to Princeton university. • Her roommates parents thought that "it wasn’t right for a black person to be in a dorm with a white person.” • The next day her father died of sclerosis. • During the years of 1992 Michelle and Barack Obama got married. [Hudson 26].

  4. What made her famous 1:: Michelle Obama • She had had her first audience was by her husbands side at the democratic party during the year of 2008. • She was a lawyer that also worked aside the mayor of Chicago. • Michelle won people over with her honesty and generosity. • Politicians didn’t really like her honesty and jokes.

  5. What made her famous 2:: Michelle Obama Michelle is self-made person , because she has taken her parents advice, helped others, and has been so grateful in her life. During 2007 back her own professional wok attend to family and campaign obligations during Obama's run for president. She became the first African-American lady with Obama's inauguration Jan 20th, 2009. She was also a community outreach worker. She headed a career training program for young adults.

  6. Change in society1:: Michelle Obama • Michelle has been and still is a role model to others in need, she really has been taking advantage of being the first lady by helping others, saving lives keeping people healthy, and setting up children's programs. • On Disney channel she has encouraged kids to be healthy and to stay alive.

  7. Change in society 2:: Michelle Obama

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