who is this guy why are we talking about him today n.
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Who is this guy? Why are we talking about him today? PowerPoint Presentation
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Who is this guy? Why are we talking about him today?

Who is this guy? Why are we talking about him today?

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Who is this guy? Why are we talking about him today?

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  1. Who is this guy? Why are we talking about him today?

  2. Adaptation and SurvivalWhat does this have to do with our DNA? Charles Darwin- a scientist that proposed the theory of Survival of the Fittest - This is the idea that individuals with more successfultraits would be more likely to reproduce and pass those traits to their offspring

  3. Plant and Animal Survival For animals, survival means finding food, escaping predators, and adjusting to environmental changes For plants, survival means getting enough water, nutrients, and sunlight SOME ORGANISMS ARE BETTER EQUIPPED FOR SURVIVAL BECAUSE THEY HAVE TRAITS THAT IMPROVE AN ORGANISM’S CHANCE OF SURVIVAL This is called their adaptations

  4. It makes an organism more FIT This characteristic can then be passed on to its OFFSPRING and then the offspring will be better FIT for their environment and now can have more OFFSPRING with the same characteristics BUT THOSE THAT ARE NOT FIT  DIE AND WON’T HAVE OFFSPRING This is called NATURAL SELECTION How do adaptations help an organism?

  5. How do organisms avoid being killed by such effective predators? DEFENSE STRATEGIES Mimicry - when one organism imitates another organism for an advantage Pterophylla camellifolia “Katydid” Prey Adaptations

  6. 2. Protective Covering - “armor” that protects the organism Pangolins –

  7. 3. Camouflage • to “blend in” with surroundings • Paradoxophyla palmata, a narrow-headed frog native to Madagascar. The frog's brown and yellow coloring, as well as its rough texture, allow it to blend in with the mud and tree trunks in its environment

  8. 4. Warning Color • used to warn predators not to eat it Mantellas By having the bright colors of the toxic species, the frogs are avoided by predators

  9. Predator Adaptations

  10. Through the process of natural selection, animals and plants have evolved on Earth What does evolved (EVOLUTION) mean? - it means to change over time There is a difference between variation vs. evolutionary change Ex: Giraffe’s long neck Evolution begins with variation • Means that sometimes, by accident an animal is born that is somehow different from the others of its species and this trait allowed the animal to be better fit to its environment

  11. Since the trait made the animal more “fit” it will have more offsprings meaning their genes will be passed on and stay within the population The others that do not have that trait, will most likely not survive  no or fewer offspring