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Oracle Sales Cloud PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle Sales Cloud

Oracle Sales Cloud

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Oracle Sales Cloud

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  1. Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  2. Oracle Sales Cloud Essentials on How to Customize, Extend, and Integrate in Release 9 John Vakoc, Senior Director Product Management, Oracle & Jeremy Bradford, Application Development Manager, Altec Industries, Inc. September 30th, 2014 Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  3. Program Agenda 1 Configure, Customize and Integrate Since Oracle OpenWorld 2013 New in Release 9 Extensions Applied: Integrations Altec Industries Experience Navigating Oracle OpenWorld 2 3 4 5 7 Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  4. Configure, Customize and Integrate Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  5. The Complete Solution Oracle Social Cloud Oracle Marketing Cloud Oracle Commerce Cloud Oracle CPQ Cloud Oracle Sales Cloud Oracle Service Cloud In-Store Contact Center Field Service Social Mobile Direct Sales Web Channel Integrated Customer Experience Foundation Globalizations and Statutory Localizations Integrated Customer Experience Foundation Social Network Mobile Analytic KPIs & Dashboards Predictive Analytics Integrations Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  6. One size does not fit all

  7. TailorYour Sales Cloud Benefits: Included in Oracle Apps: • Tailoring done by Business Users • Improve user experience • Tailor your brand • Tailor data fields • Tailor workflow processes • Tailor dashboards • Tailor UI on any device • Tailor mashups with your applications • Increase user satisfaction • Protect tailored changes across software updates

  8. A Lot Has Happened Since Oracle OpenWorld 2013… Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  9. Key Features of Release 8 1 Dynamic Layout Sub-Tab Configuration Buttons and Action Menus Link Configuration Drill Down on Dynamic Choice Lists Groovy Logic 2 3 4 5 6 Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  10. Dynamic Layout Deliver the Right Information to Your Sales Reps and Sales Managers Unlimited ways of presenting the same pages, based on: • Roles/Privileges of the User • Stage/Type of the Record • Versatile Groovy Expressions Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 11

  11. Default Layout—Hardware and Software Products

  12. “Service” Product Category Layout for Sales Managers

  13. Organize and Deliver Content with Subtabs One click access to all the information you need • Add related content to records by creating custom sub-tabs for • Child or Related Objects • Notes, Tasks and Activities • Contextual Links • Web Content • Analytics • Hide, Show, Rename and Reorder all Sub-tabs. Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 14

  14. Display Your Data Models on Sub-Tabs Add and Integrate Your Data Into the Intuitive Oracle Sales Cloud Experience • Create a custom child object associated with an account, contact, or opportunity to pull data content from another application inside Simplified UI • Display the external content as a sub-tab with prebuilt tabular page to display external data in a seamless user experience in Sales Cloud Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 15

  15. Web Content Sub-Tabs Add any browser page to your Sales Cloud • UI mashup embedding external UI content directly in Simplified UI, i.e. Map, Calculator, ERP app, or custom app • Simple integration to add content from ISV applications from Oracle Marketplace Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 16

  16. Analytics Sub-Tabs Visualize your Reports and Graphs • Embed a BI report (OOTB or custom report) as a subtab for an Account, Contact, Lead or Opportunity • Use Application Composer and Page Composer to deliver role-appropriate reports Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 17

  17. Buttons and Action Menu Invoke Your Logic and Your Applications • Buttons • Prominent and common • Actions • Secondary • Can be displayed on: • Landing, Create, Edit Pages • Sub-tabs • Show/hide or reorder buttons the same way as done with Standard Menu items Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 18

  18. Links Easy Access to Your Appliations and the Web • Open a new browser window based on URL configuration • Supported in both forms and lists Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 19

  19. Drill Down on Dynamic Choice Lists Sub title • Drill down into a related object via custom dynamic choice list fields • Available for extensible standard objects on: • List pages • Sub-tabs (child and related objects) • Edit pages • Dynamic choice list/drill down link combo on edit pages Navigate to related objects by drilling down on Dynamic Choice List fields Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 20

  20. Groovy Logic The Power of Java, the Simplicity of Scripting … And this was available before Release 8 • Standard, dynamic scripting language for the Java platform • Extends the JDK, providing access to the binaries and features of the Java language • Open language allows for portable skills and code • Design time palette to assist with code writing • Call web services • Implement triggers Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 21

  21. Where Is Groovy Used In Your Customizations Almost Everywhere • Object Triggers • Field Triggers • Object Validation Rules • Field Validation Rules • Object Functions • Global Functions • Formula Fields • Custom Fields’ “Conditionally Updateable” property • Custom Fields’ “Conditionally Required” property • Custom Fields’ default value (certain field types) • Custom Buttons • Custom Actions • Dynamic Layout Criteria • Source URL for iFrames • Workflow Criteria Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 22

  22. New in Release 9 Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  23. New Features In Release 9 1 Intuitive Full Custom Object Support Tailor the Icons and Themes Build Many to Many Data Relationships Design Time Security Validation of Groovy Logic Organize Fields with Field Groups Enhance Custom Analytics with Multiple Child Objects for Custom Subject Areas Workflow with child object relationships 2 3 4 5 6 7 Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  24. Full Custom Object Integrate Your Applications into Simplified UI • Add Custom Objects within an intuitive user interface • Custom Objects support all features including: • List Management • Dynamic Layout • Field Groups • Search and Select Dialog • Global Search • Many-to-Many Relationships • Add new extensions and modules to meet your business needs • Create independent applications Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 25

  25. Icons and Themes Personalize the Application • Choose icons for custom objects • More than 35 icon families are supported • Each icon has a number of variations to support different tabs, home pages, and themes • Icons dynamically change based on user’s preferred theme • Choose an icon that best represents the business object to increase user adoption Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 26

  26. Many to Many Data Relationships Model Real World Data Relationships Including 1:M, M:1 and now M:M • Create many-to-many relationships between standard and custom objects • Underlying intersection object is created • Expose fields from either parent object or the intersection object on the subtab • Model complex, real-world situations to meet your business needs Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 27

  27. Security First Eaiser to Write Secure Logic with Design Time Validation • Only functions on the white list are permitted in new groovy scripts • Existing scripts will run as is • Enforces safe and secure scripting • Prevents use of unsafe groovy functions • Ensures quality of the custom logic Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 28

  28. Field Groups Improve the Usability with Logical Field Groupings • Allows splitting up a large form into small groups • Expand and collapse field groups to organize page view • Better readability of pages Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 29

  29. Multiple Child Objects for Custom Subject Areas Sub title • Add multiple child objects to custom subject areas • View custom subject based reports in user’s preferred currency • Broader reporting options for the entire object model Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 30

  30. Process Composer Enahnced Business Process Definitions • Create approval process for child objects • Send approval or rejection email notifications • Configure title for approval notifications • Flexibility to add flows to child objects • Improved communication related to approvals or rejections • Improved readability of approval notifications Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 31

  31. Integrations: Applied Customizations Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  32. Integration Approach • Extensible Model Enables Your Customizations to Integrate with Sales Cloud • Prebuilt real-time integration and migration plans • CX Pillars: Marketing, Service and CPQ • On-Premises Applications: Siebel, JDE, EBS, CRM OD • UI mash-ups • exposes other CX services or on-premises functionality in Sales Cloud • Web Services • Synchronize account/contact data • Build cross references across related objects • INCLUDES: • Design Principles, Patterns, and Considerations • Key Assumptions • Integration Use Cases • Entity Mapping • Process Flows • Integration Components/Run-time services • Integration Configuration • References Service Cloud Marketing Cloud Social Cloud Oracle Sales Cloud Integration Guidelines An Oracle Configuration Guide CPQ Cloud Siebel E-Business Suite JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  33. Altec Industries Case Study • Jeremy Bradford, Application Development Manager Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  34. Key Takeaways Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  35. Tailor Display Across Any Device • Users expect a simplified, tailored experience • Users expect to access information from any device • Quickly select fields to have data display on any device: • Web • Mobile • Outlook pages

  36. Navigating Oracle OpenWorld and Beyond Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  37. Don’t Miss These Sessions! • Select from Focus on Documents some key sessions in the coming day(s) • Platform as a Service and Oracle Customer Experience Cloud, How Platform as a Service can further extends the Oracle Sales Cloud, with AlokVerma, VP ITC InfotecWednesday 2:00pm, room 3009 • Muhammad Rehman, Oracle, customer panel, Banner Eng’g, Batesville, Acorn Paper Products, on sales rep smartphone use Wednesday 3:15pm, room 2003 • Deep Dive into Oracle Sales Cloud Partner Integrations, with Al Smith, Exec VP Revitas; OmidAfaghi, CTO Conemis; Amid; Dave, President Sales Element LLCWednesday 4:30pm, room 3001 • Ray Wang, Constellation Research moderating Partner Panel, Capgemini, Config Consultant, and White Light, on Siebel/on-premises systems to Oracle Sales Cloud on Thursday 10:15am, room 2003 Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  38. Conference Session Overview • Oracle Sales Cloud Track: Over 50 Presentations • Oracle Sales Cloud: Release 9 Essentials (x6) • Partner & Customer led conference sessions and panels (x30) • Oracle Sales Cloud: Meet The Experts (x3) Plus… • Demos on Oracle Sales Cloud applied to Communications, High Tech & Industrial Manufacturing, Consumer Goods-Retail Execution and Financial Services industries

  39. Visit the Sales @ CX Central Kiosks Oracle Sales Cloud: Core Sales Force Automation (SFA) Oracle Sales Cloud: Sales Reps Productivity on Smartphones Oracle Sales Cloud: Managing Your Business using Tablets Oracle Sales Cloud: Sales Analytics Oracle Sales Cloud: Sales Performance Management Oracle Sales Cloud Configuration and Customization Oracle Sales Cloud: High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing Oracle Sales Cloud: Financial Services and Retail Banking Oracle Sales Cloud: Telecommunication Oracle Sales Cloud: Consumer Packaged Good - Retail Execution Oracle Sales Cloud: Integrating Sales, Marketing, CPQ and Service Oracle Sales Cloud Integrations with CRM On Demand, EBS, JD Edwards and Siebel CRM On Demand: Leveraging the Cloud to Enhance Customer Experience CX for Sales Reps: Sell More with Oracle Sales Cloud CX for Sales VPs: Grow More with Oracle Sales Cloud CX for Sales Reps: Using Oracle Voice for Improved Productivity

  40. Sales VP’s Join US: Oracle Sales Executive Summit 2014 The NEW Home of the SF 49ers - Levi’s Stadium, November 12 • Learn from top experts on Modern Selling who will share strategies that: • Turn “B players” into top performers with a more productive selling approach • Enable real-time coaching tobuild pipeline and establish best practices • Inspire great teamwork with social, mobile and content-sharing in the cloud • Network with your VP Sales Executive peers and get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the new stadium! • Contact: Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted

  41. Online Resources at • Focus on Documents • Go to: Oracle OpenWorld-Sessions-Customer Experience-Sales • Oracle Sales Cloud • Product readiness resources • Oracle Sales Cloud – YouTube Oracle Confidential – Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted