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5 most unique baby shower cake ideas.

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5 most unique baby shower cake ideas.

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  1. 5 most unique baby shower cake ideas. Weddings are the first big day in a couple’s life. Similarly the coming of a baby and a baby shower is the other biggest event in their lives. It is a day filled with the celebration of a new life. Every couple wants this day to be a memorable and special one. And every one of them has an idea about how they want it to be. Like with most celebrations, cake-cutting is a big deal on this day too. We talked to cake bakers from Deliciae bakery to make list of some really great baby shower themed cakes. They are at the top of the cake making business in Mumbai. These are some really unique baby shower cakes and ideas that are funny as well as sentimental. Listed below are some of the coolest, fun-filled ideas that can become a part of your desert as well as well memory.

  2. Indian-traditional baby shower • Traditional and culture are big with us Indians. It is considered good luck to thank and remember our culture when it comes to celebrations. • The is one of the most unique baby shower cakes idea. • As such, traditional baby-showers should show off very traditional and unique baby shower cakes. Some of the most common ones are a 3d cake depicting a traditional decorated swing and a realistic picture of a traditional Indian babyshower.

  3. 2. A 3d baby • Another funny and quirky cake idea is a 3d cake of a cute little baby’s bottom peeking out of the blanket. • Some have a whole 3d baby cake. In colours of white and pastels, these cakes are quite pretty to look at. • There is nothing like a sweet miniature reminder of what is to come soon.

  4. 3. Cup-cakes Another yummy guess-what game is a cupcake puzzle. Everyone gets a yummy frosted cupcake and there are small candy letters hidden inside the frosting. They will form a phrase revealing the baby’s arrival. Cupcakes with hidden letters in the frosting forming the phrase ‘the baby is coming’ are another great idea. This is also quite uncommon and baby shower cakes online theme.

  5. 4. Lord Krishna • Another traditional Indian baby-shower cake would include a 3d figure of Lord Krishna. He is the very personification of a pure-hearted, naughty child.

  6. 5. Funny cake with one-liners. • If you are a fun couple and cracking jokes is the way to go, why not have a cake with a smart, witty one-liner to announce your pregnancy? • A Tiny Baby, Small and Sweet. Mom-to-Be Can’t See Her Feet! • 50% Mom, 50% Dad. 100% Perfect! • Baby powder, Baby oil. Soon you’ll have someone to spoil! • Bun in the oven. • Here’s to Sleepless Nights and Dirty Diapers. • Ready or Not, Here I Come! • Welcome to the Circus Little Peanut. • It’s true, it’s true. A baby is due. Will it be pink or will it be blue?

  7. 6. The last one is a themed cake for twins. • One of the best things you can do for a twin cake is go half and half. Half chocolate-half vanilla or half pink-half blue, you can make a very unique cake for your baby shower for twins too. • Check out deliciaecakes.com to get some more awesome and unique baby shower cakes for your day. Deliciae is a bakery in Bandra and is at the top of their business, having catered to various Indian celebrities as well.

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