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Personnel. Marc Leroy, asst. telescope engineer Instrument specialist search. Activities. Primary mirror actuator control cards Originals have a high failure rate New circuit designed and built in Pasadena

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  1. Personnel • Marc Leroy, asst. telescope engineer • Instrument specialist search

  2. Activities • Primary mirror actuator control cards • Originals have a high failure rate • New circuit designed and built in Pasadena • Engineering team (Bagish & Jones) conferred with Dusty Clark, Tom Trebisky (MMT), and Ken Duffek (Steward) on MMT experience • New cards currently installed and testing at Baade

  3. Actuator card in telescope

  4. New actuator control card

  5. Activities (continued) • F/5 secondary mirror • Zerodur 1.7 m diameter • Blank shipped to Pasadena from SOML • Support fixtures glued onto the blank • Blank shipped to ITT (Kodak) for aspherizing • Finish date at SOML is April 2006

  6. F/5 secondary

  7. Axial and transverse supports

  8. At Kodak for machining

  9. At Kodak

  10. Chip on the edge

  11. Chip on the edge

  12. Activities (continued) • Bibliography • User submissions & John Grula’s (Carnegie librarian) searches • 113 referred papers • 67 abstracts & circulars • www.lco.cl/lco/magellan/science/papers • See the 2004 Magellan mailing list archives for instructions

  13. Activities (continued) • Firpo, V., Bosch, G., & Morrell, N. 2005, MNRAS, 356, 1357 New giant HII regions in the southern sky • Barrientos, L. F., Gladders, M. D., Yee, H. K. C., Infante, L., Ellingson, E., Hall, P. B., & Hertling, G. 2004, ApJ, 617, L17 RCS 043938-2904.9: A New Rich Cluster of Galaxies at z=0.951 • Luhman, K. L. 2004, ApJ, 617, 1216 New Brown Dwarfs and an Updated Initial Mass Function in Taurus • Woo, J., Urry, C. M., Lira, P., van der Marel, R. P., & Maza, J. 2004, ApJ, 617, 903 The Fundamental Plane Evolution of Active Galactic Nucleus Host Galaxies • Wang, Z., & Chakrabarty, D. 2004, ApJ, 616, L139 The Orbital Period of the Ultracompact Low-Mass X-Ray Binary 4U 1543-624 • Shahbaz, T., Casares, J., Watson, C. A., Charles, P. A., Hynes, R. I., Shih, S. C., & Steeghs, D. 2004, ApJ, 616, L123 The Massive Neutron Star or Low-Mass Black Hole in 2S 0921-630 • Luhman, K. L. 2004, ApJ, 616, 1033 A Survey for Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs in the eta Chamaeleontis and É› Chamaeleontis Young Associations • Jonker, P. G., Galloway, D. K., McClintock, J. E., Buxton, M., Garcia, M., & Murray, S. 2004, MNRAS, 354, 666 Optical and X-ray observations of the neutron star soft X-ray transient XTE J1709-267 • Sánchez Contreras, C., Gil de Paz, A., & Sahai, R. 2004, ApJ, 616, 519 The Companion to the Central Mira Star of the Protoplanetary Nebula OH 231.8+4.2 • Orosz, J. A., McClintock, J. E., Remillard, R. A., & Corbel, S. 2004, ApJ, 616, 376 Orbital Parameters for the Black Hole Binary XTE J1650-500 • Barrado y Navascués, D., & Jayawardhana, R. 2004, ApJ, 615, 840 A New Classical T Tauri Object at the Substellar Boundary in Chamaeleon II • Ellison, S. L., Churchill, C. W., Rix, S. A., & Pettini, M. 2004, ApJ, 615, 118 The Number Density of 0.6 < z < 1.7 Mg II Systems from CORALS: Observational Biases at Intermediate Redshift

  14. Activities (continued) • FourStar engineering visit to Magellan • Wide Field Corrector fit-checks (SAO) • Lasercutter software mods for LDSS (Clardy) • Alignment software improvements (Kelson & Phillips) • CorMASS user instrument (UVA)

  15. CorMASS at Clay(John Wilson photo)

  16. Activities (more reports later) • B&C decommissioning • MOE installation • Baade aluminizing • IMACS optical performance analysis • Clay tertiary control • LDSS upgrade • Mirror air cylinder leak fixes • MIKE iodine cell control

  17. Near-term work • F/5 operations preparations • Flat field screen • F/5 baffles • IMACS imaging analysis • LDSS3 commissioning • Continue primary mirror support repairs

  18. Magellan mailing lists • http://mailman.ociw.edu • Magellan@mailman.ociw.edu • Magsac@mailman.ociw.edu • Imacs, LDSS3, Magic for instrument engineering

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