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How To Keep Your Teeth Clean

How To Keep Your Teeth Clean. Darine Shatila 7c. How acids affect your teeth.

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How To Keep Your Teeth Clean

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  1. How To Keep Your Teeth Clean Darine Shatila 7c

  2. How acids affect your teeth • The following food and drinks contain acid they can ruin your teeth and instead of being white they can become yellow, soda, both regular and diet, energy drinks, juice, most fruits, pickles, even strawberry jam and more. The acid in foods or liquids can cause cavities in your teeth. The results of the that can cause sensitive, pain, a higher likelihood of tooth decay, and darker teeth.. Generally, Rosen says, “you can't repair affected teeth with simple fillings. To fix them, you need veneers and crowns.”

  3. How to prevent getting cavities • If you don’t want any cavities the you should brush you teeth at least twice a day but more would be better. It is good to Floss your teeth because that can take food or anything dirt out between your teeth. To be on the safe side every time you eat chocolate or candy ore anything sticky brush your teeth after it or gargle your mouth.

  4. Cavity Teeth and clean teeth Clean Teeth Cavity Teeth

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