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How To Keep Your Workplace Clean and Organized!

Employers lose thousands every year in office supplies. Ironically, most of these are generously borrowed, only to be never returned! From helping to keep the office clean to returning borrowed items, we list out office etiquettes you should follow. Visit http://www.officerock.com for more information.

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How To Keep Your Workplace Clean and Organized!

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  1. 7 Office Etiquette Rules You Shouldn’t Forget

  2. The more organized the workplace, • the happier the employees • Keeping the office clean will help promote positivity and good work habits • Encourage your co-workers to stay clean and tidy by providing organized spaces for • office supplies

  3. Creating a Positive Workplace Is Easy If Everyone Follows These Rules…

  4. Return What You Borrow! Rule #1 • Never borrow what you cannot return • Ask before taking anything • Replace supplies after using

  5. In The Kitchen Pantry Rule #2 • Respect the rules of the office kitchen • Don’t hoard office tea bags, k-cups, or other pantry items in your desk • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink

  6. Do Your Part To Keep The Place Clean Rule #3 • Keep the desk clean - clear things when you don’t need them • Keep things where they belong • Clean when you accidentally spill something

  7. Be Mindful Of The People Around You Rule #4 • Don’t talk loudly • Make sure nobody can hear music coming from your headphones

  8. Don’t Gossip Rule #5 • Steer clear of people who gossip; don’t talk about people behind their backs • Communicate directly but politely when you have an issue with a colleague

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