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The Quest for the Golden Goose PowerPoint Presentation
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The Quest for the Golden Goose

The Quest for the Golden Goose

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The Quest for the Golden Goose

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  1. The Quest for the Golden Goose

  2. Smoke filled his weary eyes like nettles were stinging, they watered with pain. Swift jumped on Lewis’ jet-black hair, trying to shelter from the ash overhead. Soot covered his jeans which were now as black as the night sky. He dropped onto the floor in a fit of coughs and he dragged himself against the walls. A plank of wood fell quickly and fire erupted in the centre of the room. The kitchen was still producing smoke so thick it could have been mistaken for a storm cloud, it could not be seen through. He franticly threw his arms against the wall, desperately trying to get out. His fingers slid across the door frame and he fell out of the world of fire. Lewis’ lungs barely had time to release the smoke when the warlock appeared behind him and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck. His skin was as flat as paper and in his hand, a lighter. So startled, Swift the monkey swung out into the trees. The mans high pitched cackle filled his ears. “ You started this fire!” he said so loud his ear drums nearly popped, “ AND YOU WILL PAY! BY THE NAME OF KING I HEARBY OUTLAW YOU! Every thing is now lost. You destroyed it ALL” The Warlock let go with a wide smile across his face. Tears streamed down Lewis’ face like a river. With no mercy the Warlock kicked him in the face with his leather boots. He tumbled backwards. The smoke filled the gash on his face. There was only one thing he could think of. Run.

  3. Lewis ran quickly through the maze of trees, a small silver fish in his hands which was glistening in the high sun. Swift tried to distract the pounding tiger which was stomping through the forest after them. It bounded around the Big Pine tree which looked over them all. Its branch waved in the breeze. The black and orange stripes were gaining on him. Lewis smelt the strong scent of the oak tree. He was nearly safe. Out of nowhere a root from a nearby tree caused him to fly up in the air. He let go of the fish. Swift swung onto the oak tree without noticing a thing. As Lewis faced impact, the fish somehow landed in his hand. However the tiger was right behind him and ready for the kill. It growled and snarled until it noticed the fish in Lewis’ hand. It snatched the fish from the sweaty palm of Lewis’ hand. Now satisfied the tiger ran off without a care. Lewis cursed and slowly advanced to his home. He climbed the unstable ladder into his tree house. Swift gave out his monkey laugh as he went collecting acorns. Swift loved acorns. Thankfully so did Lewis. They had a snack and went for a rest. With nothing to do Lewis climbed another ladder to the highest point of the tree house. He peered out of his telescope. By the lake there was a kingfisher catching fish like no tomorrow, a red kite was soaring above the treetops and a bright golden object was falling onto the fiery castle. Lewis blinked. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw the trees fly backwards and uproot. Suddenly a shockwave hit the tree. Lewis’ body flung against the wall. Then as quickly as it came the shockwave stopped. Swift climbed up with bulging cheeks. He spat out a golden nugget. Lewis looked back out of his telescope. There was something on top of the fiery castle that shone like a beacon. Lewis grabbed a rope and set off towards the castle with Swift at his side.

  4. Under the cool shade of the canopy of trees, Lewis walked out into the dark side of the forest. Back before he was outlawed, his mother would tell him stories. How the warlock ruled. Back then they were just stories. He wondered if he would ever see her again. But now wasn’t the time to get emotional. He must have his mind fixed on the quest. Lewis peered into the blackness. Swift hid inside Lewis’ ragged T-shirt. Lewis could barely see a thing. He tripped on something that felt like string. Finally they came to a clearing. Something bright caught the corner of Lewis’ eye. A swish sound filled his ear. Startled Lewis looked behind him. An axe was in between of a tree which was now in half. What he didn’t notice was the boulder behind it. A few moments later, dozens of birds flew into the air. The boulder ripped through the mucky path. Lewis didn’t pause, he sprinted along the path not looking straight ahead. Luckily a group of close together rocks stopped the boulder from squashing the forest. Out of nowhere a steep drop appeared in the middle of the forest. He descended like a rocket down into the abyss. It seemed to go on forever, which was not doing Lewis’ stomach any good. Eventually Lewis saw the rocky floor. Closing his eyes he prepared for impact. He opened his eyes. The impact force had created a small crater. Swift was scratching Lewis’ hand. With much pain Lewis got up. Ahead of him was an old bridge, and across that the fiery castlestood. Lewis took a deep breath and pulled out his rope. Swift ran across the railings and sat down on the stony floor. Lewis threw his rope across to the other side. Trying to climb over the lava pit was hard. The rope started to thin. A crackling caught his ears. A fire had started at one end of the rope. Lewis’ heart beat at the speed of light. All he could do was keep climbing. His hands were rapidly pulling himself to the other side The fire burnt a hole in the rope. Lewis fell fast towards the lava. His eye brows singed. He knew that this was his end.

  5. Lewis lay on the bedrock floor. He was black and blue with bruises. Swift had climbed down the deep rocky crater that he had found himself in. Lewis’ eyes had opened and he stared up into the dark sky. The walls of this cavern were full of stone. Apparently there had been a small area of lava that the rock was just high enough to keep it out the lava. As Lewis got up he noticed a small door. Keen for adventure he peered through the window. He saw nothing but a large empty space. Seeming safe, Lewis crept into the room, tip toeing as he went. He suddenly found the most amazing thing he had ever seen. An enormous hall. It had fire burning on the obsidian floor and brilliant paintings of the demons and warlocks that once ruled here. It was so amazing Lewis nearly forgot to breathe. A spiral staircase hung along the walls like tinsel. Swift disappeared in Lewis’ shirt. He said quietly, “ Here we go” as he climbed the stairs. The walls were dotted with marvellous paintings of breath taking sights. Like the view of the forest from the big pine, the peak of the forest. He continued climbing and looking at the paintings when he suddenly was blinded by the golden light. The golden object. He dropped to his knees and started crawling, his eyes were squinting. He felt the wind gently ruffle his hair. Arms franticly flopping and flipping about he searched. Suddenly he fell a couple of feet. The lights dimmed as he touched the object. It felt soft and feathery. Lewis opened his eyes to find a small goose with a golden beak. His heart pounded as he nervously scooped up the goose, “ Honk! “ went the goose. It was adorable. Out of nowhere an egg plopped onto the stone. It was pure gold. Lewis knew inside that victory was theirs.

  6. Lewis returned home with no problem at all. The traps couldn’t do anything other than stare at Lewis, Swift and the goose which Lewis had named Feathers, victoriously returning safely. Being back and safe felt really good. The sun beating down on his back felt relieving. And there it was, the tree house. Home at last. Lewis also felt sad. That castle was grand, a perfect home for him. Suddenly it snapped. Yes! The warlock said he was king when he outlawed Lewis. There was a picture of him in the castle. If he claimed the throne he would have that glorious castle. Without even climbing the tree house ladder, they advanced towards the village. There in the centre of the village stood the warlock on his throne. Lewis fought back his anger as he approached him. The warlock shouted, but Lewis blocked it out. Staring at Lewis he shouted as loud as the warlock could. That didn’t stop Lewis. Feathers laid an egg. Lewis picked it up and as hard as he could, he struck the warlock on the head. He was knocked clean out. The villagers sang and cheered when they saw the warlock, fallen at the hands of a small child and his pet. A villager came out holding a crown. For the first time in 10 years, Lewis felt happy. The next day the dark side of the forest was being cut down. Lewis had plans for a new civilization. Houses were being built as well as a bridge leading to Lewis’ new home, the fiery castle. That day a great empire was born.