tectonic plates n.
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Tectonic Plates PowerPoint Presentation
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Tectonic Plates

Tectonic Plates

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Tectonic Plates

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  1. Tectonic Plates By: Jax Cooper

  2. Pangaea •The Theory of Pangaea Is that 300 million years ago, all the continents were once connected. • The ‘super continent’ idea was not accepted by scientist because Wegner did not have enough proof that this had happed such a long time ago. • Pangaea means ‘all lands’. The Period in which Pangaea accrued is the Carboniferous Period.

  3. Convergent Boundary • A convergent boundary is an actively deforming region where to plate tectonic plates collide. As a result all the pressure and friction often can cause an earthquake and volcanoes • Volcanoes because they • collide and it forms when • magma finds a pathway to • go thru.

  4. Example of a Convergent Boundary • Subduction of the northern part of the Pacific Plate and the NW North American Plate that is forming the Aleutian Islands

  5. Divergent Boundary • a linear feature that exists between two tectonic plates that are moving away from each other • It forms volcanic islands when it moves apart to make gaps which magma moves in and fills up to the top and eventually creates a volcanic island. • An example is the Red Sea rift

  6. Transform Boundary • A fault which runs along the boundary of a tectonic plate It can cause earthquakes • New Zealand's Alpine Fault

  7. What Plate Do we Live On? • The United States is on the North American Tectonic Plate

  8. What Plates Border the United States • North American • Pacific • Juan de Fuca

  9. Are we in any serious danger of hazards related to plate tectonics? • The United States is not in danger due to the tectonic plates moving. • If they so happened to move which scientists don’t think would happen, there would be safety lines to follow.

  10. In the future… In the future, I think the plate tectonics will spread out even farther which will keep causing what’s happening in the picture above. If this happens all the continents will be farther apart and maybe even split again.