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With thanks to Peter van der Linde (NWP) Jan 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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With thanks to Peter van der Linde (NWP) Jan 2008

With thanks to Peter van der Linde (NWP) Jan 2008

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With thanks to Peter van der Linde (NWP) Jan 2008

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  1. With thanks to Peter van der Linde (NWP) Jan 2008

  2. These problems need to be solved…. • Information is spread over a large number of sources and hard to find for non specialists • The development sector is inefficient: 15-30 % of funds are directed away from intended beneficiaries. • The development sector struggles to attract additional flows of money to provide water / sanitation to the poor • The development sector struggles to share and visualise results and suffers from a lack of transparency • ‘High barriers of entry for outsiders’

  3. Akvo will tackle these problems in an innovative way…. • Akvo will provide three integrated products: • Akvopedia – an open knowledge platform dedicated to small scale water and sanitation solutions • Akvo Matchmaking – an online marketplace to connect funds directly to local initiatives • Akvo Really Simple Reporting – an easy and transparent way to track projects in the field

  4. Akvopedia – open knowledge….. • The Akvopedia is an online open knowledge base for easy to implement, sustainable, inexpensive solutions for water and sanitation • Benefits: • - central open database for appropriate solutions • - reduction of knowledge sharing costs • low barriers of entry to information for non-specialists • owned by all • Akvopedia is available to use today at

  5. Akvo Matchmaking – direct funding…. • Akvo Matchmaking will make it possible to connect funds directly to projects from trusted local intermediaries through online donations and loans • Benefits: • significant reduction of overhead costs • easy attraction of additional flows of money • demand driven funding (transparent) • possibilities to fund small projects (scale-up) • Some of the principles have already been tried in the market successfully by others like

  6. Akvo RSR – really simple reporting…. • Akvo Really Simple Reporting (RSR) is a water and sanitation project monitoring and reporting platform. It will be integrated with mobile phone (SMS) tools. • Benefits: • significant cost reduction • easy to manage / monitor large numbers of projects • easy to intervene in projects pro-actively • - visualisation of results (descriptions/pictures/movies) • The Akvo Matchmaking, Monitoring and Reporting systems are expected to be delivered in August 2008

  7. Not for profit, but run as a business…. • Akvo is in the process of being established as a non-profit foundation in the Netherlands. It is founded by IT, water and sanitation experts. • Founding organizations: • GreenOcean • IRC International Centre for Water and Sanitation • Netherlands Water Partnership • Movement Design Bureau • UNESCO - IHE

  8. Our current status….

  9. Our partner organisations…. • Committed launching customers: • Fodra (Delhi - India) • Arghyam (Bangalore - India) • Waste / Simavi (global school sanitation program) • Committed initial content providers (in kind): • IRC, Waste, Practica, Acacia, SNV, MWF • Interested funding organisations: • Partners for Water, UN habitat, FMO Bank, SNS Bank, ASN Bank, NWP, Global Water Challenge (CSR for multinationals) and several private investors.

  10. August 2008 - be up and running…. • We are securing a 500.000 Grant to be able to: • develop a running website with a simplified design • set-up a program to build out the content of Akvopedia • develop the Akvo matchmaking software • develop and field-test Akvo Really Simple Reporting • extend our international partnership network • run a ‘frontrunner’ marketing campaign • secure investors / soft loans to run Akvo after august

  11. Why be involved with Akvo now? • Akvo can speed up the implementation of water and sanitation solutions. You will benefit by: • being exposed as and part of our rapidly growing network and online community. • linking your organisation to an innovative, inspiring new brand with proven and early success. • being incorporated in our innovative and refreshing marketing campaign. • being a first user to make sure Akvo fits your needs.