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With special thanks to:

With special thanks to:

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With special thanks to:

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  1. With special thanks to:

  2. A 12 week health and fitness challenge designed to engage a wide range of participants throughout the community. • Some examples include large businesses, small businesses, K-12 educators, colleges and universities, faith communities as well as public health and non profit organizations

  3. Overview of Challenge • The BizicallyFIT Health Challenge is a fun, free, team-based fitness challenge. • Open to anyone who lives or works in Minnesota and is 18 years old or older. • Registration will open January 23rd • The Challenge will run from February 13 – May 4 • Three competition categories: exercise minutes, pedometer steps and weight loss • Offers nutrition tracking and goal setting

  4. BizicallyFIT Health Challenge • Designed to engage participants at every fitness level • Helps individuals achieve health and wellness goals • Social networking platform maximizes participation and engagement “Do it! Don’t think of it as a ‘diet,’ think of it as a ‘live it,’ ” ~ Matthew Bayer (lost 40 pounds in last year’s Challenge)

  5. Tour Overview

  6. Spanish Available Registration: Step 1 The competition division tree will be part of this page. (e.g. State, Alliance Member, Community, etc…)

  7. Divisions Each participating Alliance member has a personalized competition division, making competing with peers easy and exciting. Participants will first choose their state of employment, then their Alliance member company name. 1. Choose Your State: 50 state pick list 2. Choose Your Division: • Alliance Member • Chambers/Businesses • Colleges and Universities • K-12 Educators • Faith Communities • Non-Profit Organizations • State and Local Government • State Legislature • Families • MN Sports Teams • MN TV/Radio Teams • Unaffiliated Teams

  8. Spanish Available Registration: Step 2

  9. Spanish Available Enroll in the Challenge

  10. Challenge: Optional Kit Spanish Available (Includes pedometer) Participants will have the option to purchase a Standard ShapeUp Welcome Kit directly from SUI via a secure on-line third party credit card processing agency for a price of $11.00 per kit

  11. Challenge: Create or Join a Team Spanish Available

  12. Challenge: Create a Team (Option 1) Spanish Available

  13. Team Naming Conventions • To maximize the benefits for your group you will need to use of our naming template. • Example 1 – University of Saint Thomas – [div: College/University] • UST-"Team Name" (e.g. UST-Finance1) • Example 2 – Wooddale Church - [div: Faith Community] • WOD-HealthySouls • Example 3 – AARP - [div: Non-Profit Organization] • AARP-WednesdayWalkers • Example 4 – Burnsville Chamber member – [div: Chambers/Businesses] • BVL-3M-"Team Name" (e.g. BVL-3M-InShape) • By following this model you will be able to promote intra-organization competition.

  14. Challenge: Join a Team (Option 2) Spanish Available

  15. Challenge: Join an Open Team (Option 3) Spanish Available

  16. Captains - Build out your team Spanish Available

  17. Team Standings • Each weekly “round” ends on Sunday • Teams have until midnight the following Tuesday to report data • Each Wednesday, team standings are published and show performance relative to other teams • Teams that follow our naming template will be able to chart their progress within each division

  18. Easy Data Reporting Participants

  19. Multiple Tracking Options English only via Mobile

  20. Individual Tracking Interface Spanish Available

  21. Where participants can go for help to: • Reset username and/or password • Enter data on your behalf • Make changes to your team • Answer questions about Team Standings • Replace a lost or broken pedometer • Address any other questions…

  22. Frequently Asked Question • How many people can be on my team? • You can have up to 11 people per team, including the Team Captain. *Note: You must have at least 5 team members competing in a given category to be ranked in that category’s weekly standings. • Will other people be able to see my weight? • To protect your privacy, if you choose to participate in the weight-loss competition, no other participant will ever be able to see your individual weight. A Team Captain, may be asked to enter a teammate’s weight on his/her behalf.

  23. Summary • The BizicallyFIT Health Challenge is a fun, team-based fitness challenge to anyone who lives or works in Minnesota, age 18 and older • Three competition categories: weight loss, exercise minutes and pedometer steps • Registration will open January 23rd

  24. Next Steps • Let us know that your organization would like to participate. • Determine your organization’s champion • Agree to promote the Challenge to your employees, co-workers, friends and relatives. • Have Fun!

  25. Thank You! Time for Q & A Ask your questions and sign up to receive registration information at