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West Lothian Council Advice Shop PowerPoint Presentation
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West Lothian Council Advice Shop

West Lothian Council Advice Shop

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West Lothian Council Advice Shop

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  1. West Lothian Council Advice Shop “Early intervention is good business” Brian Pearson Senior Housing Adviser West Lothian Council

  2. Where is the advice shop What services are provided Why is helping tenants good for business Need for early intervention Tenant as customer Providing the right service Introduction

  3. We are situated in Bathgate Unit 9 – 12 Waverley Industrial Estate Waverley Street Bathgate EH48 4HY 01506 776444 Where is the advice shop

  4. Information, advice, assistance, and representation on; Benefits Energy Money Housing Income maximisation Special projects What services are provided

  5. Ensuring your tenants can sustain the tenancy HB paying rent on time HB backdates to pay outstanding rent Avoiding any delays in benefit Ultimately maximising your rental income Going the extra step can be worthwhile Why is helping tenants good for business

  6. Avoid potential delays in benefit claims Getting the tenancy off to a good start Dealing with problems before they get worse Legal action is expensive for dealing with problems left unresolved for a long period of time Avoid relet costs down the road Happy tenant is income to your business – ensure they get the right help makes sense Need for early intervention

  7. You run a business, your customer is the tenant You have duties to that tenant with regards repair obligations Your customer has security of tenancy and statutory protection in certain areas To terminate a tenancy requires the correct notices Changing tenants on a regular basis costs money Providing a service that matters and going the extra mile prevents problems from occurring Tenants that feel respected by there landlord, wont want to move, they will spread the word. Good reputation Tenant as customer

  8. Remember your legal obligations Work with your tenant to ensure their obligations are met Is your tenant fully aware of their obligations Carry out safety checks Make sure you are registered for each property HMO’s Ending tenancies correctly Illegal eviction Providing the right service

  9. If unsure get advice Contact the advice shop Speak to a solicitor Check Shelter’s website Keep your self within the law Section 11 Providing the right service cont…

  10. Section 11 is a duty not a choice West Lothian Council are here to help Ian Treger Quality Development Officer can be contacted on 01506 777307 Email Brian Pearson details 01506 776463 Section 11

  11. Thank You