employment screening n.
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Employment Screening PowerPoint Presentation
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Employment Screening

Employment Screening

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Employment Screening

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  1. Employment Screening

  2. After a potential candidate goes through a pre-screening, the company gathers details about the candidate’s credentials, criminal, and educational background. • Although, this kind of screening doesn’t give the company an insight into the technical and general knowledge that the potential candidate has so a different kind of screening test will be needed to check whether candidate will be well suited for the position or not.

  3. Employee screenings should give accurate and relevant information in relevance to the industry where the applicant has applied for. • Pre-employment screening selectors can help the companies decide on what type of screening would be required for the position while the candidateapplied. It could be used to check the candidate’s abilities in respect with the applied post.

  4. The selector has a wide range database that is composed of information relevant to the skill sets needed for a certain profession. The best will be chosen for the candidate’s assessment based on skills that the job needs. • The test reveals whether the candidate is fit for the job or not. The first part will contain general question in relation to aptitude, math, and comprehensive English.

  5. The second part will contain technical questions to let the company decide whether the candidate has the knowledge and abilities to handle the applied post. • And, the hiring manager must ensure that the test selector is able to pick the correct assessment based on requisites given by the user.