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Employment Screening Services

Don’t waste any more time not knowing what your background history says and don’t let good jobs pass you by because of mistakes that you didn’t make. Know what’s on your background.

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Employment Screening Services

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  1. Employment Screening Services

  2. An employment screening service is mostly used by corporations who want to hire someone full time or part time, but with some responsibilities that will require a background check. • These services may take anywhere from two days up to eight weeks or more to process through human resources, but the results are all the same: Employers and employees are both often astounded at what they find.

  3. With the technology available these days, everything about a person’s civil and criminal life may be logged permanently into any database to be viewed by anyone, both civilians and employers, at any time. With so much different aspects in background checks, it’s hard for a person to keep up with all that’s being logged on their background. • A lot of people feel sure that they know everything that’s on their background, but it’s not uncommon for mistakes to be made that you may not know about.

  4. There have been numerous cases of mistaken identity because of similar or same names that caused the wrong “Joe Smith” to have criticism on his background, bad credit or maybe even warrants out for his arrest. If the same mistakes aren’t found out about prior to applying for a position at any company, it’s often too late. • With millions and millions of changes happening every single day to a person’s background, it’s inevitable for mistakes to occur. But with the current economic status of the world, a lot of people can’t afford for mistakes like this to happen when the time comes for a job interview. With the small amount of jobs available today, employers are being more rigid about who they hire and a candidate’s background has a very strong influence.

  5. We know you are depending on us, and we take that charge very seriously. We won’t let you down. Give us a call at 281.565.0660 or send an email to Mickey@AIB-Inc.com for a free, no obligation evaluation.

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