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Annual Spring Directors Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Annual Spring Directors Meeting

Annual Spring Directors Meeting

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Annual Spring Directors Meeting

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  1. TITLE I-C, MIGRANT EDUCATION PROGRAM Annual Spring Directors Meeting The University of Findlay May 15, 2019 Ohio Migrant Education Center

  2. State & Federal Updates Rasha Hetata, State Migrant Coordinator, ODE

  3. State Service Delivery Plan - Review & Approval Calista H. Smith, C.H. Smith & Associates, President

  4. Summer Regional Coordination J. Salinas, G. Altamirano, M. Gutierrez, M. Papenhausen, L. Florez OHIO MIGRANT EDUCATION CENTER


  6. CHILD COUNT TRENDS - OHIO 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18

  7. CHILD COUNT TRENDS - OHIO “Identified” vs “Served” 53% 50% 44% 45% 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18

  8. Willoway Nursery - Avon, OH • Golden Fresh Farms - Wapakoneta, OH

  9. OELPS vs. IPT

  10. OELPS Screener...or IPT Assessment OELPS can be administered any time of the year, but will not be available from July 13 - 31 (last 3 weeks of your summer program). • Here are your options: • Use only the IPT assessment • Give students the OELPS screener unit July 13th, and then switch to the IPT for any new arrivals • We will accept either score • If any migrant student has OELPA scores from the previous school year, DO NOT TEST THEM. Submit those scores to us instead.

  11. IPT Testing for 2019 • identify students who are LEP. This is one of the minimum data elements the USDOE expects all states to collect. • READING & WRITING-Optional...some teachers may want to know their students’ reading level or get a sample of their writing. • IPT credits ordered per region: ORAL=100, READING=50, WRITING=50 * Pre-testing Post testing scores needed

  12. MEP Timeline Checksheet

  13. Parent Night & Parent Needs Survey • Parent Night Documentation • Sign-in sheet • Parent Summary Report • Possible options for Parent Night Activities: • Michigan State University’s CAMP/HEP Programs • Advocates for Basic Legal Equality (ABLE) • Consulado Mexicano de Detroit • 2018 Parent Needs Survey Results

  14. 2018 Parent Needs Survey - STATE RESULTS Reading & Math English Homework Field Literacy Proficiency Assistance Trips

  15. 2018 Parent Needs Survey - STATE RESULTS Dental & School Clothes Food Transport to Vision Supplies Pantries Clinic

  16. CDI Migrant Head Start - Service Dates Center LocationStart-End Dates Fremont, OH 43420 6/3-10/24 Helena, OH 43435 6/3-10/10 Hartville, OH 44632 6/3-10/17 Napoleon, OH 43545 6/3-10/10 Shiloh, OH 44878 5/6-11/7 New Carlisle, OH 45344 5/6-11/7

  17. Texas STAAR Assessment • Ohio is one of 18 states that offers the STAAR Texas state assessment through the summer migrant education programs. • Summer STAAR testing is offered to 5th, 8th, and high school students taking their EOC exams. • Training will be offered at the two-day summer teacher inservice. • Each summer site will designate at least one teacher from their program to attend the training and become a certified STAAR test administrator. • You’re invited to send your IMAGE teacher/parapro for certification training.

  18. Continuation of Services (COS) • Eligibility for Title I-C is only good for 36 months. • COS allows the MEP to serve students who have reached the end of their eligibility for no more than 12 additional months. • The MEP will not be able to count students served through COS. • OMEC approval is requiredbefore COS is offered to students. • The reporting process for COS students is completely different from migrant-eligible students. • Student must be “At Risk” of failing in order to be approved.

  19. Continuation of Services Request Form

  20. Summer Health Fair Dates June 27 - Old Fort June 28 - Putnam County (Miller City) June 29 - Liberty Center (Migrant Rest Center) July 1 - Marlington July 2 - Willard * NEW! Immunizations to be offered at some health fairs.

  21. IMAGE Services by Region All regional MEPs will be providing IMAGE services to students in their regional service area that cannot attend their summer building program. • IMAGE Training - June 11th @ Findlay University • Regional Directors & TR Clerks are required to attend • Parapros must work under a certified/licensed IMAGE teacher • Summer IMAGE services have a defined 3-month calendar(June 1 - August 31)

  22. Summer Teacher Inservice • Dates: June 12 & 13 • Location: Alumni Student Union - The University of Findlay • TR Clerks have their training with Gloria all day on June 12th • The teacher inservice will be over at noon on June 13th, but we have the conference rooms reserved until 3PM so that regional directors can use them to hold a staff meeting. • Seeking teachers as presenters who would like to share unique and innovative classroom ideas: • 1-hour sessions (single or in a group) • $300 stipend per session

  23. iReady • iReady is NOT a curriculum. It is a supplemental tool for teachers • iReady will again be used by all 5 regional MEP sites in 2019 • Includes quality lessons in Math & Reading • Provides progress monitoring data we need to show growth • We need a list of your classroom teachers before the start of your summer program

  24. Odysseyware Data from 2018: • 39 students enrolled in 65 courses • 19 of these courses were completed at 100% allowing these students to earn credit accrual • A total of 990 assignments were completed by students during the migrant programs in Ohio • A total of 1623 hours were spent engaging with the Odysseyware program by these students • 1 student was able to graduate by completing the necessary credits during the summer 2018 program • 3 students were able to explore practice resources for the ACT test • 7 students were able to explore career tech courses

  25. Odysseyware Process & Information: • Courses will be same as in past • CORE courses and Career Exploration • All directors will be asked to complete a Google Form when registering a student in Odysseyware -- THIS IS NEW! • Reports on students will be emailed to site directors • If you need immediately, please contact Gary • • Please try to include contact information for home district so that records can be sent

  26. Identification & Recruitment Malena Gutierrez, State ID&R Coordinator

  27. Ohio ID&R Plan • Mission Statement • Measurable Objectives • Strategies/Activities • Regional ID&R Plan Activity

  28. State ID&R Mission Statement “All migrant children present in the state will be identified and recruited for the MEP.”

  29. Measurable Objectives • Objective 1: Minimum 70% of MEP personnel will be knowledgeable in the basic eligibility criteria and MEP recruitment process.* • Objective 2: Minimum 70% of all eligible migrant children will be identified and recruited within 3 months of arrival.* • Objective 3: Annual discrepancy rate within a 96% confidence level of all eligibility determinations • Objective 4: 100% of the recruitment staff will be trained and demonstrate proficiency in the MSIX online system * Activity

  30. State Recruitment Model Ohio’s recruitment model involves a combination of statewide, regional & local level recruitment to address the the changing migration patterns of the transient farmworker population.

  31. Recruitment TEAM • ID&R Training • Recruiter Certification & Support • Quality Control • Interstate/Intrastate ID&R Coordination • Evaluation

  32. Basic Knowledge_Eligibility Criteria The State Service Delivery Plan clearly states that a minimum of 70% of all MEP staff will have a basic understanding of the Title I-C eligibility criteria and identification and recruitment process. Measurable Objective 1

  33. Migrant Child MEP Student Eligibility • Under the age of 22 years old • Has not graduated from US High School or earned a GED • Made a qualified move* within the last 36 months as migratory agricultural worker/migratory fisher (OR) • Made a qualified move within the last 36 months with or to join a parent/guardian/spouse that is a migratory agricultural worker/migratory fisher. * A move due to economic necessity, from one residence to another, across school district lines.

  34. Migratory Agricultural Worker (MAW) A person who • Made a qualified move* within the last 36 months AND • Engaged in new temporary or seasonal employment or personal subsistence in agriculture soon after the move. OR • Actively sought such new employment (soon after the move) and has a recent history of moves for temporary or seasonal employment * A move due to economic necessity, from one residence to another, across school district lines.

  35. Migratory Fisher A person who • Made a qualified move* within the last 36 months AND • Engaged in new temporary or seasonal employment or personal subsistence in fishing soon after the move. OR • Actively sought such new employment (soon after the move) and has a recent history of moves for temporary or seasonal fishing employment * A move due to economic necessity, from one residence to another, across school district lines.

  36. Qualifying Work • Temporary or Seasonal employment or personal subsistence in agricultural or fishing. • Temporary-lasts for a limited period of time, usually a few months but not longer than 12 months. • Seasonal- occurs during a certain part of the year because of the cycles of nature and by nature cannot be continuous or carried throughout year • Personal Subsistence-worker and family consume a substantial portion of crops, dairy products or livestock they produce or fish they catch as a matter of economic necessity

  37. Types of Work Qualifying NON-Qualifying • Harvesting Fruits/Vegs. • Nursery/Greenhouse Work • Meat/Seafood processing plants • Packing and Canning (fruits/vegetables/seafood/etc.) • Livestock Farms*/dairy work • Construction • Landscaping • Food Service • Housekeeping • Factory work • Cannabis-related Activities * Animal produced or kept primarily for breeding or slaughter purposes, including but not limited to , beef cattle, hogs, sheep, goats and horses. However, does not include animals raised for sport, recreation, research , service or pets.

  38. 1 3 2 MEP Eligibility Questions


  40. Basic Knowledge_ID&R Process The State Service Delivery Plan clearly states that a minimum of 70% eligible migrant children will be identified and recruited within 3 months of arrival. Measurable Objective 2

  41. MEP Definition: Identification Determining the location and presence of migrant children

  42. MEP Definition: Recruitment • Making contact with migrant families • Explaining the MEP • Securing the necessary information to make an eligibility determination • Recording the basis of the child’s eligibility on a COE Upon successful eligibility determination of a migrant family, children may be enrolled in the MEP.

  43. Certificate of Eligibility (COE) The recruiter has deemed the student(s) eligible for MEP services upon completion and upload of the COE into the OMEC server. A temporary COE is forwarded to the MEP for their records. Data from a finalized COE is uploaded into MSIX database after the COE has successfully completed a 3 tier quality control process at the OMEC office. Disqualified COEs will be communicated to the MEP*and filed at the OMEC office. E.O.E No Signature means Temporary COE *MEP must have a valid COE on file in order to continue to serve student(s).

  44. ID&R Lessons Learned • Migrant Demographics • Recruitment Trends • Language Barriers • Regional Resources • Digital District Enrollments • Immigrant vs. Migrant

  45. Title I-Part C: MEP Statewide Awareness • ESC & SST Presentations • State Growers Meetings • H2A Contractors • OAEP (EMIS) Conference • FALCON Committee

  46. New ID&R Tool_Q.A.D. Validation Report A regional list of migrant students eligible for Title I –Part C, Migrant services Family contact information to initiate the validation process. • Q.A.D • Category 1 • Data Accuracy

  47. Occupational Survey Generates a list of students that are potentially eligible for Title I – Part C, Migrant services • Qualifying Move • Qualifying Work Family contact information to initiate the recruitment process

  48. Migrant Lead Form An active list (per recruiter) of potential migrants students compiled from a variety of sources, such as MSIX, school districts, network partners and OMEC communication. Data Required on Lead Form: Student Name, D.O.B, Parent Name(s), address, telephone number, home language and any additional comments to help with the identification and recruitment of the lead. Live Data & Reporting FERPA Confidentiality

  49. CHAD Google Maps