things to consider when designing your own home n.
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Things To Consider When Designing Your Own Home PowerPoint Presentation
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Things To Consider When Designing Your Own Home

Things To Consider When Designing Your Own Home

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Things To Consider When Designing Your Own Home

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  1. Things To Consider When Designing Your Own Home

  2. Make Sure Your Land Is Right For You Site constraints are clearly going to affect the design of your home and could even mean added construction costs. Soil conditions are particularly important for slab and footing construction, and the wrong type of soil conditions can provide many difficulties for home construction,

  3. Make Sure Your Living Spaces Face The Right Direction A common mistake is simply facing your most commonly-used living spaces in the wrong direction, which is likely to result in a hot house in summer and cold house in winter.

  4. Think About How “Open Plan” You Want To Be With Your Design Open plan is not the be all and end all, and can cause privacy and acoustic problems that are difficult to reverse However, an open plan house can also bring many benefits; light flows much easier throughout the house and they generally look more aesthetically pleasing.

  5. Make Sure You Design Your House For Your Family Unless you want to pay for some extensive renovations later on, make sure you analyse the way you and your family live and ensure this is reflected in the design of the home.

  6. Get Advice On Construction Techniques The final trap people fall into regularly is not getting advice from experts in the field. While you know what you want and shouldn’t stray too far from your original plan, there will always be limitations and things you can’t do. This is where you need advice and recommendations from an experienced professional.

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