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Things to Consider When Designing Brochures PowerPoint Presentation
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Things to Consider When Designing Brochures

Things to Consider When Designing Brochures

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Things to Consider When Designing Brochures

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  1. Things To Consider When Designing Brochures

  2. Things To Consider When Designing Brochures Brochures, when designed right, can prove to be very effective in increasing a company’s clientele and sales. Brochure making is an art in itself because designing a brochure that is equally informative and creative isn’t as easy as it may seem. Your brochure should be a keeper because the longer it stays with a prospect, the higher is the chance of turning him/her into one of your loyal customers. There are various brochure printing services which assist you in the entire brochure making process. Here are some things every company should consider when designing brochures: • Strategize on an objective • Decide on the number of folds • Choose appropriate fonts • Type of paper and coating • Colour scheme

  3. Things To Consider When Designing Brochures • Strategize on an objective – To create an effective brochure design, you need to have a proper understanding of what is your target audience. You cannot begin with the designing without knowing whom your brochures will be directed to, who would be the recipients. For example – A brochure for a playschool will be designed differently than that of a business. • Decide on the number of folds – The number of brochure folds seems to be just a small detail, but is actually one of the key aspects that affect your brochure design. These numerous folds control how the brochure information is presented to the recipient. Along with the sequence of your content, the brochure design is too dependent on the number of folds.

  4. Things To Consider When Designing Brochures • Choose appropriate fonts – The main purpose of a brochure is to market your company. The fonts you choose for the heading, a subheading, and the body of the text, should be easily readable. Choosing the right kind of fonts not only creates a visually appealing brochure, but also influences the recipient to read your text right away. • Type of paper and coating – Your brochure design might be unique and creative, but all your efforts would go in vain if the paper quality isn’t good or if the finishing/coating is compromised. A crucial step in brochure making is choosing the right kind of high-quality paper and coating options because the texture of your paper reflects the image of your business and services.

  5. Things To Consider When Designing Brochures • Colour scheme – Before finalizing on a brochure design, a company must have a pre-selected colour scheme ready. The kind of colours you use should complement your brand and also be consistent with your other printed marketing materials. Any brochure printing services would make you understand the impact of colour psychology on the customers . PrintStop offers professional online brochure printing services. Both bi-fold and tri-fold brochures are available with a variety of flexing folding or creasing options and unlimited colours to choose from. They have a speedy doorstep delivery as the brochures are shipped out in minimum one day and maximum five days after the order is placed. You can create and upload your own company brochure design or get a customized design made by their in-house design team Pehchaan. The price-calculator option is a plus as it helps you to keep a track of your expenditure. With different paper options, slick gloss finish and subtle matt lamination, PrintStop does not compromise with the quality and so, is the right choice for brochure printing online.