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Say Yes to the Ask: How to Talk the Advocacy Talk PowerPoint Presentation
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Say Yes to the Ask: How to Talk the Advocacy Talk

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Say Yes to the Ask: How to Talk the Advocacy Talk
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Say Yes to the Ask: How to Talk the Advocacy Talk

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  1. Say Yes to the Ask: How to Talk the Advocacy Talk 1:1 Conversations Workshop #AAUW2013 @AAUWpolicy

  2. Roadmap: Where We’re Going • PSA: conversation model • PSA example • Conversation dos & don’ts • Concrete v. wishy washy asks • Getting commitment • Practice: overcoming tough objections • Using back at home

  3. I want to be part of the action!

  4. Introducing PSA Solution: Hope What specifically & meaningful can be done about? Problem: Anger Action: Opportunity What are they angry about Make the specific & or threatened by?doable ask

  5. Organizing + Mobilizing Solution Organizing & Mobilizing ProblemAction Organizing Mobilizing

  6. Organizing Conversations You can’t mobilize her until you’ve organized her! Intentionalconversations that go deeply into a person’s: • Issues: What we act on • Interests: What’s our stake in it • Values: Principles, what motivates us Assessment from the conversation: • Capacity: What resources can be offered • Commitment: What resources are offered It’s about building a relationship with her so you can then ask her to take action.

  7. Find Their IIV Interests: Why? Why is that particular issue important to this person? Issues: What does this person care about at school? At work? In the larger world? Values: Guiding principles

  8. Assess Their CC Capacity = Skills Commitment = Willingness

  9. Mobilizing Conversations Organizing + Mobilizing = Change for women! Prompted conversations that make an ask: • Goal: Link person’s issue to AAUW & make specific ask Now that you’ve established a relationship with her, you can make a tailored ask of her that she will actually say “yes” to.

  10. 1:1 Conversation Dos & Don’ts Do • Schedule time to have this conversation • Ask questions and plan to listen • Follow the PSA • Share experiences and deep motivations • Share a vision that articulates a shared set of interests for change • Be clear and very concrete about “when” and “what” of the next steps Don’t • Try to persuade rather than listen • Chit chat about private interests • Skip stories to “get to the point” • Miss opportunity to share ideas about how things can change • End conversation without clear plan for next steps

  11. 1:1 Conversation Asks Concrete Asks “We are having a branch meeting next Thurs. at 8pm. Can you come and help us brainstorm our Equal Pay Day action?” “We’re in the midst of a critical letter to the editor push. We need to get 10 more letters written this week. Can you write an LTE by this Friday? I can send you our LTE guide, sample LTE, and info on where and how to submit it.” Wishy-Washy Asks “Do you want to join our branch?” “Can you write a letter to the editor?”

  12. Getting Commitment

  13. Overcoming Tough Objections Exercise

  14. Using 1:1 Conversations at Home If you’re a State Public Policy Chair: • Have 1:1 conversations with each of your Branch Public Policy Chairs over next 2-3 months as you prepare for 2013-2014 programming If you’re a Branch Public Policy Chair: • Identify 3-5 members who may be interested in joining a branch public policy committee and have 1:1 conversations with each of them If you serve on your state or branch board in another capacity: • Share this training with your fellow board members and set a goal of each member having 1:1 conversations with 5 members in the next 2-3 months If you’re a general AAUW member: • Have a 1:1 conversation with a prospective member Use the PSA model for every “ask” you make