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The Right Guide to Golf Clubs PowerPoint Presentation
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The Right Guide to Golf Clubs

The Right Guide to Golf Clubs

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The Right Guide to Golf Clubs

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  1. The Right Guide to Golf Clubs

  2. In the modern day, where most of our shopping includes sitting at home and ordering from various Internet websites, here’s a guide to help you buy your golf club online. Golf clubs are used by a golfer in the game of golf to hit the golf ball. Getting the right one is thus a necessity.A golf club has a grip, shaft, and a club. There are a number of options available from Value Golf, Monark, decathlon, etc.

  3. There are two types of grips: The round grip (this has no grip and can be positioned in any direction) and the reminder grip (this has a grip and the shaft is positioned all along the edge). It is generally made of leather, polymer or rubber. The Golf Components • The shaft is the arm of the club which is similar to the motor of a wing. Golfers with quick swings should opt for more rigid shafts.There are different labels: • For stiff swings: • S: Stiff • X: Extra Stiff • For relaxed swings:R: Regular or StandardL:LadiesS:Senior

  4. Club Heads • Club head is one of the most important parts of the gulf club sets. Its angle with the ground is a determining factor. There are two kinds of heads: Cast head/Cavity Back (this is a hollowed out head with the entire weight distributed along the edge of the head) and Forged/Full Head (they are more powerful but require more accuracy).

  5. Monark Golf Supply Inc.P.O. Box 1263Walnut, CA 91788-1263, U.S.A.Sales Toll Free: (877) 551 - 4653Tel.: (877)-551-4653Fax: (909) 598 – 5444Web: