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Inter-American Teacher Educator Network PowerPoint Presentation
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Inter-American Teacher Educator Network

Inter-American Teacher Educator Network

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Inter-American Teacher Educator Network

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  1. Inter-American Teacher Educator Network New Approaches to Policy and Practice for Teacher Educators in the Americas

  2. Declaration of Scarborough We recognize the fundamental role of teachers and we prioritize their professional development as a key factor for learning and the development of our societies. We therefore encourage countries to work together to ensure that mechanisms are adopted to assist developing countries in the training and retention of teachers. IV MEETING OF MINISTERS OF EDUCATION Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago August 10-12, 2005

  3. Mission To create a network of researchers, policymakers and practitioners engaged in teacher education to: • develop collaborative research projects, • share innovative experiences, • design effective policies • benefit from the synergies and activities that result from engagement with other teacher educators.

  4. Questions • Who are the teacher educators in the Americas? • How are they agents for teacher education reforms? • What are the main gaps in knowledge in teacher education? • How are teacher educators contributing to that body of knowledge? • How might they contribute more?

  5. The Seminar The INTERAMERICAN TEACHER EDUCATOR NETWORK: “New Approaches to Policy and Practice for Teacher Educators in the Americas” September 26 – 29, 2006 Trinidad & Tobago

  6. The Seminar • Organizations: OAS, OUI-IOHE, PREAL, UNESCO, Convenio Andres Bello, CIPECC, INEE, UMD, UTT… • 120 participants • 25 countries • Caribbean • North America • South America • Central America • Hosted by MOE, T&T and OAS-DEC

  7. The Survey

  8. The Website

  9. Connections to other Networks…

  10. Next Steps Practitioner Inquiry and Collaboration Portal: • A New Research Clearinghouse on, by, and for Teacher Educators. • A Professional Development Center and Message Board, • A Member-Moderated On-line Virtual Forum and List-serve • The ITEN E-bulletin

  11. Next Steps Annual Knowledge Sharing Workshops • Use the OAS’s CONARED methodology to identify Promising and Innovative Practices in Teacher Education (PIPTE) and share them at an Annual Knowledge Sharing Workshop; • Conduct a Hemispheric Mapping Exercise of Teacher Education programs and curricula; • Systematically organize and present them in publication and through the E-bulletin; • Create online courses with the Inter-American Organization on Higher Education for sharing the experiences with a wider audience of practitioners and policymakers.

  12. Next Steps Annual Teacher Educator Research Seminar One hemisphere-wide conference per year for sharing research findings, discussing new approaches and guide the development and direction of the network. A publication of the findings and recommendations would be presented to the CIE and Ministers of Education (and other education policy bodies) at their yearly meetings.

  13. Inter-American Teacher Educator Network