register your trademark for free n.
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How to register tm for free PowerPoint Presentation
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How to register tm for free

How to register tm for free

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How to register tm for free

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  1. Register your Trademark for Free

  2. How to register your trademark for free Registering your trademark in India, it's compulsory to pay the filing fees set by the Government. However, unregistered trademarks do have an effective remedy to enforce their rights through the Common Law. More: Know more about Trademark Class before Registering your Trademark

  3. Unregistered and Registered Trademarks Trademarks can be ‘registered’ as well as ‘unregistered’. While registration isn’t mandatory in India, it’s advisable for getting better protection. Unregistered marks are essentially ‘free trademarks’, meaning, you don’t have to pay any filing and registration charges. The difference between unregistered and registered trademarks is legal protection that they get. Related: Passing Off and Infringement of Trademark in India

  4. Things to consider while before you register the copyright for your blog • Only the content filed while applying for a copyright registration will be protected as registered copyright. • Filing a new application each time you upload content can be an expensive exercise. • Even without copyright registration, the original content of your blog is under protection. If you detect infringement, you can contact the infringing website and ask them to take down your content. Know more: Difference between Trademarks, Copyright and Patents

  5. Cost of Trademark Trademark Filing for Company Rs. 11,999 Per Class Trademark Search Trademark Filing Trademark Update Trademark Filing for Individual Rs. 5,999 Per Class Trademark Search Trademark Filing Trademark Update Trademark Filing for MSME Rs. 8,399 Per Class Trademark Search Trademark Filing Trademark Update Related: Copyright Piracy and Law in India

  6. Documents Required for Trademark Registration ` Address Proof Brand ID Proof Power of Attorney Board Resolution

  7. What do you get? Acknowledgement Trademark Form

  8. Frequently Asked Questions Who can file a trademark application? Any person who claims to be an owner of the trademark may file the trademark registration application. What can be trademarked? You cab file a trademark application for any of the following marks like Design, Slogan, Name, Sound, Image and Number. What is trademark class? For the purpose of trademark registration goods and services are classified into 45 classes out of which first 34 classes cover the goods and rest 11 (35 to 45) are for services. Is trademark registration mandatory? In India trademark can be registered or unregistered. Trademark registration is not compulsory. But it is advisable to register the trademark to protect the company’s identity. Related: Validity of Copyright in India after getting registered

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