excellence in business n.
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Excellence in Business

Excellence in Business

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Excellence in Business

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  1. Excellence in Business Today’s actions for tomorrow’s success

  2. Excellence Exchange Sharing of ideas, practices and stories in small group setting

  3. According to Tom Peters..the successful businesses in the future will have… • Leaders who create places where people can do the best work of their lives • People whose work creates more value for customers than competitors think possible • Systems that support seamless execution and promote Wow! outcomes

  4. Take a moment and listen… .

  5. Future shape of the winner assessment…TPG survey sampler . • Rate your business/team Now and where you want to be in the Future. Scale of 1 -10, 1 being excellent and 10 being needs much improvement • Integrity always – we understand our policies and strive relentlessly to live up to them N_____ F_____ • The leadership ensures that the work place demonstrates a great place to work and where talented people want to beN_____F_____ • We pursue mastering of what do, we develop our own skills and capabilities trying new things and building self confidence N_____ F_____ • We set clear goals and priorities that steer us directly toward achieving our shared ambition and propel us in that direction N_____ F______ • Our brand is our #1 marketing, sales and recruitment tool. We tell a scintillating story to our current and prospective clients and talent N ______ F______

  6. Who is your CSO? Do you have your business story? A business story can be used to communicate values, culture, customer experience. A story can also be used to help prospects understand the impact of what your business offers. A business will have more than one story. And maybe more than 1 CSO! It is all about communicating in a way that helps others understand and remember. Many businesses, large and small, are developing their stories and seeing tremendous response. Examples: Google “business storytelling”

  7. The art of adjusting and balancing during changing times TALENT, BRAND, ARCHITECTURE Excellent businesses…….future winners

  8. Thank You! Handlon Business Resources LLC P.484-241-4124 F. 610-419-0129