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ICC Chimney
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ICC Chimney

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  1. Technology Leaders for 20 years! ICC Chimney

  2. Multiple Brands in the market Not all brands are approved on all appliances Large variance in ease of installation and materials used Some are attractive, others… not so much Large variance in performance How do you add value to DV pipe purchases? What is the current situation?

  3. What’s the objective? • Stock a single brand of direct vent that: • Fits and is approved for most, if not all brands sold. • Installs easily. Meaning it can be assembled and disassembled when necessary. • Looks great when installed, helps maintains the illusion of a freestanding wood stove. • Performs well in all situations and on all appliances, as well as maintaining the integrity of the home. • Homeowners are content with the purchase based on the added value of the product. Where do we go from here?

  4. Rigorously Tested • Unlike wood chimney, direct vent must be tested with every appliance it’s listed with • Some manufacturers were failing in the field because the tests were never done • EXCELDirect is currently listed with all major manufacturers. • Listing letters are available upon request • Adapters are available to fit all major brands Objective 1: approvals

  5. EXCELDirect is easier to install than any other direct vent chimney • Unique tapered push together system is fast and foolproof • Pipe overlaps 1 ½ “ and is fastened with 3 self tapping hex head screws at each joint. (provided) • New Stop Bead lets you know how far to go Objective 2: Easy Installation

  6. EXCELDirect uses the best materials and state of the art fabricating equipment to ensure consistent high quality • Inner and Outer casings are laser butt welded. • Galvalume offers superior rust protection over galvanized pipe because cut edges do not corrode like galvanized. • Satin coat is a specially formulated for painted parts • ICC’s automated TTE laser welding machine ensures the inner and outer casings are round, Stainless steel brackets ensure that pipes remain concentric and aren’t easily damaged • Welded construction is far superior to pop rivets Objective 2: Easy installation

  7. EXCELDirect looks just like black stovepipe. • No unsightly twist lock grooves • Laser welded exterior is clean • Painted using Stove Bright “Flat Black” for easy touchups Ordinary Direct Vent requires special paint that is difficult to match with the factory finish, so complete repainting is often required Objective 3: aesthetics

  8. Tight Sealing • EXCELDirect is the tightest fitting direct Vent system on the market, period With ordinary direct vent, leaks along inner liner add up within the vent system and this can cause comingling of the exhaust gases with incoming air. Flame lift off and ghosting can result and these problems are difficult to trouble shoot because you have no way of knowing which joint or joints are leaking. • No silicone or taping everagain • Tapered joints ensure the system is tight and this precise fit also enables pipe to be taken apart when necessary – even after the appliance has been fired. Aluminum liners often “weld” together after firing making them almost impossible to take apart. Objective 4: performance

  9. Customers don’t call about leaky Direct Vent! • They call about: • Poor flame quality • Ghosting flame • Dirty glass • General odd appliance behavior • Direct Vent symptoms manifest as appliance problems. Using EXCELDirect will reduce call backs on these issues! Objective 4: performance

  10. Objective 5: value added • What does value added mean to the homeowner? • It means adding an appliance that won’t let cold air into their home! • EXCEL makes the only fully insulated direct vent wall thimble • Let your customers know what the difference is. • Keep both wall thimbles on hand to show them.

  11. EXCELDirect = The Solution • Fits and is approved for most, if not all brands sold. • Installs easily. Meaning it can be assembled and disassembled when necessary. • Looks great when installed, helps maintains the illusion of a freestanding wood stove. • Performs well in all situations and on all appliances, as well as maintaining the integrity of the home. • Homeowners are content with the purchase based on the added value of the product. Only EXCELDirect Meets all of these criteria

  12. General installation notes

  13. General installation notes • Clearance to Combustibles • Specified by the manufacturer of the appliance, not the vent • Typically between 1” and 1 ½” • Ensure clearance to termination is also respected • Page 3 of the EXCELDirect manual • “Install the gas appliance as described in the Installation Instructions accompanying the gas appliance”

  14. General installation notes • Properly adjusting the restrictor • The circled letter designations in the vent diagram correspond to the Exhaust Restrictor Setting on the stove • If the appliance is not properly adjusted, it will not perform as it should

  15. General installation notes • Use of Sealant • “EXCELDirecthas a factory installed high temperature gasket on each length that will make a sealed connection. It is not required to apply sealant on any inner liner joints. The outer casing has tapered friction seal. Sealant is not required either.” • No silicone required, even if requested by the manufacturer

  16. Components

  17. New Excel direct design • Stop Bead • Provides a specific point where the lengths should meet. • Adds rigidity to the outer casing • Adds a clean look to each length

  18. New fasteners New style of black screw is supplied with all painted products • New screws are: • Phillips head • Better looking • Better paint adhesion • Able to easily pierce metal from many angles • Use a magnetic bit to make it easy

  19. Traditional Style termination (TM-CTØ) • Stainless Steel Construction • Available with 3” or 4” exhaust • Only 6 ½” tall • Built in flashing for the base

  20. Slip Lengths • Slip lengths in 12” and 24” • Can be used directly on top of a standard length • Is distinguished from a standard length by the crimped top • Two-Piece Adjustable Length • Adjusts between 18” and 30” • Consists of two lengths that work together – greatly simplifies up & out installations • Lengths must be used together EXCEL Direct slip lengths

  21. Insulated Wall Thimble (WT) • The only fully insulated wall thimble on the market • UL listed extensions are available • Adjustable between 5 ¾ - 10 ½ • Insulated Wall Thimble Extension • Extends the insulated wall thimble • Fits walls up to 20 ¾” thick EXCEL Direct Vent

  22. EXCEL Direct Components • Round and Square Support / Radiation shield • To use either support as an attic radiation shield, use storm collar above the support. Round & Square Supports can hold up to 50 ft of 4” x 6” venting and 40 ft. of 5” x 8” • Wall Support • Universally fits 4x6 and 5x8 venting • Holds up to 13’ of 4x6 and 10’ of 5x8 • Over 4” of adjustment from the wall

  23. Our Horizontal Caps • Horizontal Terminations • Regular Termination – Angular look • Deluxe Termination – Dome look • Snorkel Terminations – 14” and 36” • All horizontal caps come standard with an adjustable slip length • Designed to be the best looking, best performing caps on the market EXCEL Direct Components Regular Adjustable slip is Now Painted Black Snorkel Deluxe

  24. Small Vertical Termination (SVT) • Smaller than the standard Vertical Termination • Tested for high winds • Stainless steel construction for superior durability EXCEL Direct Components • Insert Vertical Termination (IVT) • Termination adapter built-in • Faster installation • Made for 3” or 4” insert exhaust • Lower profile for cleaner appearance • Vertical Termination (VT) • Our standard vertical termination is tested to high winds

  25. Excel direct Components • Vinyl Siding Standoffs (VSS) • Prevents damage to temperature sensitive siding materials such as vinyl, shakes or shingles. It’s thick enough to be used on full brick and can be trimmed to fit whatever siding material is used. • Universal Vinyl Siding Trim (EVT) • Two sections of galvanized metal. Tabs cut into the strips allow for easy bending at key points. • Brackets will create a vinyl siding trim for any size wall thimble in the ICC wood, pellet and gas venting products

  26. Excel Direct Components • Trim Ring (TR), Trim Plate (TP) • Trims are typically used as decorative covers when installing a wall thimble in a gas stove installation. • On vertical installations they can serve as firestops when installed from below. They can also serve as a firestop on horizontal installations that don’t require a wall thimble (i.e. a fully non-combustible wall) • The Trim Ring is larger and round, and the Trim Plate is small and square.

  27. New O-Ring for DV Trims • Seals the gap between trim and pipe • Eliminates the need for silicone or paint • Creates a finished seal at the wall • Will be included with all trim parts (TP & TR)

  28. Excel direct componenets • Horizontal Termination Kit TM-4HTK Includes: • Regular Horizontal Termination • Insulated Wall Thimble • Decorative Trim Plate • 9” Length (Black) • 90° Elbow (Black) • 2’ Slip Length (Black) All parts come in one box that has been optimized for size.

  29. For existing pre-fab chimneys • Type “A” Chimney Adapter (CA6, 7, 8) • Provides a connection between Excel Direct and type “A” chimneys • Includes both the top and bottom components • Fits all brands of type “A” chimney For existing masonry chimneys • Co-Axial to Co-linear Adapter (4CAA) • Adapts the direct vent flue outlet on a stove or fireplace to a flexible co-linear system • Requires two 3” liners and a termination to complete the system EXCEL Direct Components

  30. Excel Direct Components Three options for Masonry Termination Components • 1)Collinear Termination Adapter (CTA) • Built-in flashing base is secured to masonry chimney with RTV or masonry fasteners • Available for 3” or 4” exhaust • Allows you to increase the height above the chimney by adding more direct vent if necessary • + • Your Choice of Cap

  31. EXCEL DIRECT COMPONENTS Three options for Masonry Termination Components • 2)Insert Vertical Termination(IVT) • Our standard termination cap with a built in adapter for co-linear liners • The bottom accepts either 3” or 4” flex liners • The IVT cap is used in combination with a masonry flashing (MF) which is sealed to the masonry chimney with RTV or masonry fasteners • Cannot increase the height of the system above the top of the masonry chimney with this setup • +

  32. Excel direct components • 3)Masonry Termination Adapter (MTA) • Built-in flashing base is secured to masonry chimney with RTV or masonry fasteners • The bottom accepts one 4” flex liner and converts them back to direct vent • Masonry Adapter (MA) • Makes the connection into a masonry chimney • Fold out tabs make it easy to install • +

  33. The Full Line of EXCEL Venting Products • Availableonly through specialty hearth retailers • Increase productivity in the field, as well as reduce call backs • Require less stocking space in the warehouse • A full line of venting products for Wood, Gas and Pellet appliances All EXCEL Venting Products