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Nancy Farmer

Nancy Farmer

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Nancy Farmer

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  1. Nancy Farmer Books written: Do You Know Me? The Ear, The Eye and The Arm Runnery Granary A Girl Named Disaster Casey Jones’s Fireman The House of the Scorpion The Sea of Trolls Born in: Phoenix, Arizona. Awards Won: Newbery Award Honor Book; Notable Book and a Best Book for Young Readers; National Book Award for Young People’s Literature; Honor Book Genre: Science fiction Other Occupation: Chemistry teacher

  2. Point Of View • The point of view in this novel is 3rd person limited • “The horse moved on. Matt had even more questions now, but he was too unsure of Tam Lin’s temper to ask him. Why hadn’t the man gone home when he was sick? Why hadn’t the other workers helped him? Why was he being left out there like a piece of trash?” • Matt’s thoughts are explained to us but not Tam Lin’s

  3. CHARACTERS Protagonist Matt Jorge El Patron Antagonist Dynamic Matt Maria Rosa Static El Patron Felicia Tam Lin Tom Hero Matt

  4. Direct and Indirect Direct: • “He was dismayed that the old man is leaving.” • “Matt allowed her to go, but he was angry at the same time.” Indirect: • “He couldn’t bear being left alone for another day.”

  5. Plot Diagram Climax Resolution Conflict • Celia tells El- Patron she put poison in Matt’s body -The resolution is that after El Patron dies, a few years later Matt took over the Kingdom Opium. • El Patron wants Matt’s heart, so Matt must run away -Opium field -Near Ajo Mountains Novels Setting:

  6. Theme Theme of Story: Having faith and hope in yourself and others will bring you great things in your life. • When Chacho wouldn’t answer Matt, he still had hope • Matt thought El patron might change • He knew that he would get to Maria