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Compare and Contrast Essay PowerPoint Presentation
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Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay

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  1. Compare and Contrast Essay Gifted Hands

  2. Step One: Find your topic • Find two items that are similar enough to compare, but different enough to be interesting. • Compare/contrast the values of Ben Carson’s mother to the values of Ben Carson’s father. • Compare/contrast yourself with Ben Carson. • Compare the book to the movie. • Compare Ben Carson to another role model.

  3. Step Two: Identify Audience and Tone Who are you writing this for? What will your attitude toward your subject be? Informal? Formal? Sad? Serious? Humorous? Playful? Hopeful? Sarcastic?

  4. Step Three: Gather Information • List three or four relevant details (Ben Carson and John Smith both choose a career in medicine; Both men have become world famous; Ben Carson rose from a completely different background than John Smith) • Write out your information (columns or Venn Diagram). • Make sure to use in text citations if you are quoting from the book. • Purdue OWL: MLA Formatting and Style Guide • (Carson and Murphey 9).

  5. Step Four: Write your Thesis Statement • Indicate whether you will be look at similarities or differences. • Use a subordinating conjunction (pg 477 EOL textbook). • This is a working draft thesis statement; you can always go back and change it as your essay progresses! Don’t stress at this point, or ever!! • Although Mr. and Mrs. Carson were both parents of Ben Carson, Mrs. Sonya Carson “parented” Ben in the traditional sense. • John Smith and Ben Carson have both become extraordinary achievers in our society even though Ben Carson arose from a different background.

  6. Step Five: Write your draft in Block method (page 104 text) • Introduction (hook, necessary detail, thesis) • Body Paragraph One (Discuss relevant details of first item, - Ben Carson.) • Body Paragraph Two (Discuss relevant details of second item – John Smith.) • Conclusion – summarize your body paragraphs and make a general statement that leaves the reader thinking.

  7. But what order should I use? • If you want to hold your reader’s attention, would you go most important to least important? Or least important to most important? • Make sure you use the same order for both items (people). For example: If you begin with Ben Carson’s most important achievements, you will want to begin with John Smith’s most important achievements. • Any questions?

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