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Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

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Virtual Tours

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  1. Virtual Tours Kathy Bottaro Polly Meissner October 28, 2011

  2. Outcomes By the end of today’s session teachers will be able to define a Virtual Tour and list ways to incorporate it into their teaching. Teachers will evaluate and employ the best Virtual Tour to be used within their classroom in the next 9 weeks.

  3. WHY VFT?

  4. Definitions -- • According to Illinois State's Ed Tech Immersion Plus:Conceptual Definition: "A digitally vicarious experience that allows the participant to travel through space and time free of the constraints of real-world travel, including places, people and events that occur naturally throughout human and natural history."Working Definition: "A topical collection of Web sites that help students to build upon their existing understanding of a subject or concept by vicarious experience.“

  5. Types of Virtual Tours… - Photographs/Drawings- Multi-media - Panoramic- Video/Quick Time- Webcams- Animation - Skype

  6. VFT Tips for the Classroom: • Walter Mackenzie’s Innovative Teaching: Select a trip which has a clear connection to what you are studying in class Collect signed parental permission slips to take your class online (know your school division's AUP!) Be responsible as the chaperone while your class is online Plan ahead for your trip:-teach a preparatory lesson before the online trip-preview the site and know the content therein-check all links up to three clicks away from the tour-provide step-by-step tasks to accomplish

  7. -consider a treasure hunt checklist for students to follow-perhaps have students gather text and images to make a scrapbook-design a webquest which requires students to complete an assignment-state a measurable objective for your culminating activity • Be sure your VFT is in your lesson plans • Place a time limit on the trip • Be the tourguide - help students pace themselves • Consider using a projector and touring as a class • Consider pairs or small groups if students work on their own • View all monitor screens in use from one vantage point • Use the History folder to see where a browser has been • Extend the experience to word processing, desk top publishing, and multimedia presentations • Follow through on a plan of assessment for completed student work • Have at least one follow-up lesson after the trip

  8. Virtual Field Trip at its Best… The Google Art Project

  9. Photographs/Drawings New York Underground

  10. Multi-media Inside the White House

  11. Panoramic Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

  12. Panoramic (cont.) National Museum of the United States Air Force

  13. Panoramic (still more): Google Sky

  14. Video/Quick Time Thanksgiving field trip to PlimothPlantation

  15. Webcam Yellowstone Geyser Live!

  16. Animation: A Visit to the Library

  17. Skype: • Powerful video/audio conferencing tool that will figuratively break down the walls of your classroom. • Getting started with Skype • You will need a: • computer • webcam • microphone Links to locate willing collaborators around the US and the world: Skype in the Classroom Chatting Across the USA Global School Net Epals Global Community

  18. VFT Links to Explore: VFTs from Techtrekers Over 100 VFT ideas from simple to complex Simple K12 Field trips for all disciplines and all ages Kathy Schrock’s VFT Tip Sheet Features tips for trips and destination ideas as well!

  19. Not to be Missed: Cow Eye Dissection Very informative cow eye dissection. Tour a World War I trench You will need QuickTime for this one! Google Lit Trips “A Whole New Way to Appreciate Great Literature” You will need to download Google Earth to access the lit trips.

  20. Let’s begin… • Many virtual tours require additional apps: • QuickTime • Adobe Flash • RealPlayer • Skype • Google Earth • Loading these apps on your district laptop may require an administrative password. • Enjoy!