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Health Record & Medical App Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Health Record & Medical App Development

Health Record & Medical App Development

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Health Record & Medical App Development

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  1. MTOAG Moving Technology On A Go Introducing HEALTH RECORD APP Get your own Health record app! Mr. Yogesh Pant Chief Executive Officer

  2. PROJECT OVERVIEW Reduces the gap between the doctors and patient. Patient can easily interact with doctors thus saving their time. User can easily find the doctors with their professional details like specialty, education, statement, etc. User can chat & discuss with doctor related to health care. User can request for the appointment with the doctor & track the status whether confirmed or not. Get the instant reminder regarding checkup, appointments, healthcare, etc.

  3. PATIENT APPLICATION Login/Sign-up User can create their account by clicking on sign-up. User can sign-in using the login credential. Forgot password option to reset the password.

  4. PATIENT APPLICATION Dashboard User get the option of My doctor list to whom they have recently contacted, My X- ray where he uploaded the document, can find a new doctor, etc.

  5. PATIENT APPLICATION Profile Menu option In the menu user get the option of Dashboard, edit profile, change password, My X-ray, My doctor, find doctor, Rate the app, share the app with friends, sign-out, etc.

  6. PATIENT APPLICATION My Doctor User can view the list of the doctors they have recently contacted. User can add new doctors. User can find doctors. Search option.

  7. PATIENT APPLICATION Find Doctor User can search the doctor by name or by nearby location. Locate the location through map.

  8. PATIENT APPLICATION Shared X-ray User can view the details of shared X-ray, document, etc. My X-ray User can see the list of My X-ray & can add X-ray, etc.

  9. PATIENT APPLICATION Add X-ray User can add the x-ray, upload documents, and can share with the particular doctors.

  10. DOCTOR APPLICATION Sign-in screen User can sign-in by using login credentials. User can reset their password by clicking on forgot password option.

  11. DOCTOR APPLICATION Sign-up screen User can create their account by filling the details like name, email address, phone number, Address, password, etc.

  12. DOCTOR APPLICATION Home page User get the option of dashboard, edit profile, change password, My patient, Rate the app, Share the app link with friends, sign-out, etc.

  13. DOCTOR APPLICATION Dashboard On dashboard user can view their profile, total no patient, recent uploaded X-ray or document by patient.

  14. DOCTOR APPLICATION Edit profile User can edit their profile, can do the necessary changes & update it.

  15. DOCTOR APPLICATION My patient User can view the list of their patient, sort it by name, date, alphabets, etc.

  16. DOCTORS APPLICATION Patient detail User can see the detail of patient date-wise & can sort it by date, days, etc.




  20. ADMIN PANEL(MANAGE CONTENT ) Add/edit/delete/view/search content.

  21. ADMIN PANEL(MANAGE EMAILS) Add/edit/delete/view/search emails.

  22. ADMIN PANEL(MANAGE SLIDER IMAGE) Add/edit/delete/view/search slider image


  24. ADMIN PANEL(MANAGE TESTIMONIAL) Add/edit/delete/view/search testimonial.

  25. ADMIN PANEL(MANAGE DOCTORS) Add/edit/delete/view/search doctors

  26. ADMIN PANEL(Manage patient) Add/edit/delete/search/view patient.

  27. ADMIN PANEL Add/edit/search/delete/etc service image.

  28. ADMIN PANEL Add/edit/delete/view/search FAQ.

  29. SALIENT FEATURES Doctor-app View & manage patient's database. Give expert advice to patient health related queries etc. Add new patients or update profile for existing ones. Easily synchronize practice data on cell phone. Accept new bookings, reschedule existing ones or cancel it. Patient-app Providing interactive access between patient & doctors. Attach your healthcare document like x- rays, test reports, etc. Maintain user medical information & personal health history. Schedule/Reschedule/Cancel an appointment with doctors. Get the doctors details like profession, address, contact, etc.

  30. Thanks! Let’s Engage-Leverage-connect Any questions? • You can find me at: • • • Mtoag Technologies  41, Mtoag House, Goverdhan Colony, New Sanganer Road,  Sodala, Jaipur. 302019 Contact:-0141-2297352/ 0141-4047957