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GSA Satellite Services Program PowerPoint Presentation
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GSA Satellite Services Program

GSA Satellite Services Program

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GSA Satellite Services Program

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  1. GSA Satellite Services Program Jim Russo SATCOM II Program Manager Federal Acquisition Service Integrated Technology Services

  2. Agenda ITS Mission and Portfolio What Services are Available? Who are the contractors? How to Place Orders Contact Information

  3. Mission and Vision To be the technology acquisition service provider of choice for US government customers worldwide while: Improving their operating efficiency Enabling their appropriate use of technology Enhancing delivery of best value across government To manage an acquisition portfolio offering complementary solutions that satisfy the full range of customers Information Technology needs. Vision Enable government agencies to achieve their missions by providing acquisition programs that efficiently and cost-effectively deliver best value information technology solutions

  4. Portfolio • ITS offers customers three channels • to the IT market: • IT Multiple Award Schedules Program (e.g., GSA Schedule 70) • IT Government wide Acquisition Contracts (IT-GWACs) Program • Government wide local, regional, and wide-area Network Service Program • Our program channels offer: • A diverse means to address varying • customer requirements and buying preferences • A variety of competitive opportunities in • the federal marketplace

  5. Satellite is an important part of the Wireless Broadband environment Broadband WirelessConnectivity Non Line of Sight Point to Multi-point Satellite Portable/Mobile Point to Multi-point • Local Loop Diversity • WiFi Inside • Cellular Backhaul • Portable Access • Mobile Access • Voice/Data/Video on a single device Satellite Indoor Equipment • DSL or Cable Alternative

  6. Commercial Satellite services support the Government with: Reliable communications where no wire line or wireless infrastructure exists Surge capacity for Military Support and Communications Quickly deployed Domestic Emergency Response Communications Continuity of Operations/Service Diversity Supplements Terrestrial Networks

  7. GSA Satellite PortfolioWhat Satellite Services are Available?Who are the contractors?

  8. SATCOM-II • End-to End • Solutions • Equipment • Service • Maintenance Schedule 70 Networx • Equipment • Service • Labor Over 2 dozen vendors Federal, State, and Local Use Networx Universal Contractors Federal Use Only • Satellite Service for • Global Network • Access/Extension • 25 Fixed Price IDIQ five year contracts awarded in May 2007 • 16 large businesses, 9 small businesses • IDIQ Fixed Price contracts, NOT A SCHEDULE CONTRACT or GWAC • Federal Use Only GSA Satellite Portfolio

  9. SATCOM-II Contractors – 16 Large Businesses

  10. SATCOM-II Contractors – Nine Small Businesses

  11. SATCOM-II Program Key Points 25 Fixed Price IDIQ five year contracts awarded in May 2007 16 large businesses, 9 small businesses (under the 2002 North American Classification System (NAICS) code 517410, Satellite Telecommunications) FAR Part 12 IDIQ Fixed Price contracts, NOT A SCHEDULE CONTRACT or GWAC Fixed Price Commercial Satellite service and equipment offerings Mobile, Fixed, and Broadcast Services Application Services (Distance Learning, Telemedicine, ER/COOP) Engineering, Installation, Operations, and Maintenance Professional Support Services – only available from Small Businesses

  12. SATCOM-II Provides End-to-End Solutions

  13. SATCOM-II Service Categories/Contract Organization Four Service Types Service Type I – Transport Services (Mobile and Fixed) Service Type II – Satellite Application Services Service Type III – Satellite Design, Engineering, and Maintenance Support Services Service Type IV – Professional Support Services (Small Business only) All contractors provide at least one service from Service Types I and II, and all of Service Type III

  14. Service Type IMobile Satellite Communications Services and Equipment Iridium, Globalstar Inmarsat Includes: Broadband GAN (BGAN) Thuraya Mobile Satellite Ventures (MSV)

  15. Service Type IFixed Satellite Communications Bandwidth and Terminals C-Band Ku Band Ka Band X-Band Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT)

  16. Providing satellite connectivity when • terrestrial connection (frame relay, MPLS, T1, etc.) is not available. • Routing Overview: • Routes traffic over wire-line or satellite paths based on policy based rules • Loss of primary path will result in all traffic being re-routed over the other path • Upon restoral of primary link, all traffic re-routed back to primary path Service Type IIContinuity of Operations • Path Diversity using Satellite for to achieve COOP

  17. Service Type II Emergency Response/Disaster Recovery • Bandwidth • Fly-away kits SATCOM-II Contracts offer:

  18. Service Type IIDistance Learning Solutions SATCOM-II Offers Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions configured to the customer’s requirements

  19. Service Type IITelemedicine Solutions SATCOM-II Offers Bandwidth, Equipment, Global Coverage

  20. Service Type IISatellite Internet Access, Video Streaming and Broadcast Services SATCOM-II Offers IP Based Services with Global Coverage

  21. Service Type IIInteroperability/Interconnectivity Solutions

  22. Service Type IIISatellite Design, Engineering, and Maintenance • Satellite system engineering design, • Site Surveys, Installation, • Configuration, • Training, and • Ongoing maintenance and operational support for the services delivered under Service Types I and II. Support Services

  23. Service Type IVProfessional Support Services (Small Business Only) • Abstract or concept studies and analysis • Strategic and preliminary planning • Requirements definition and analysis • The evaluation of alternative technical approaches • Modeling and simulation, enterprise architecture design • Cost/cost-performance trade-off analysis • Feasibility analysis, etc.

  24. How to Place an Order Competition and Task Orders are required…

  25. Getting Started Visit GSA's web site at At GSA’s web site you can review the SATCOM-II Customer Users Guide Contractors Services Matrices SATCOM-II contracts online through links to each contractor's web site eBuy for SATCOM-II select Network Services and Telecommunications under the GSA Technology Contracts listing, then select SATCOM-II.

  26. Authorized Users for SATCOM-II All Civilian and Military Agencies and other entities identified in GSA ADM4800.2e or as updated Third parties may place order on behalf of a Federal Agency provided FAR 51.102 is met State and Local Governments are not Authorized to order from SATCOM-II State and Local users can order from Schedule 70 contracts under: Cooperative Purchasing Disaster Recovery

  27. How can a customer place Task Orders? Direct Order/Direct Bill (using Fair Opportunity) Use eBuy for RFQs and RFPs to solicit quotes and proposals OR Review of each Contractor's Contract Online. Customer determines which contractors provide service/equipment and places order with appropriate contractor in accordance with the FAR. Receive and evaluate proposals Place task order directly with selected contractor.  A 2% contract management fee has been included in all contract pricing. GSA Assisted Services Regional GSA office can assist with the solicitation and evaluation process, ordering and billing services as desired by the customer. An additional fee will apply.

  28. Fair Opportunity Considerations In accordance with FAR 16.505, each customer agency must provide each SATCOM-II Contractor with a “Fair Opportunity to be Considered” unless one of the exceptions cited in FAR 16.505(b)(2) applies, and the appropriate Agency Contracting Officer fully documents and signs the justification citing the rationale for using one of these exceptions. This documentation is to remain in the customer’s official task/delivery order file and must be provided upon request to the GSA SATCOM-II PCO. RFQs sent through eBuy are automatically sent to all eligible SATCOM-II contractors

  29. What is required on the Task Order? The SATCOM-II contracts are Task order/delivery order contracts.  There must be a task order before any service or equipment can be delivered and that task order must include: 1) Date of order 2) SATCOM-II Contract # and order # 3) Identify contract item # (SATCOM-II contract CLIN description, quantity, and unit price 4) Delivery or performance schedule 5) Place of performance 6) Packaging, packing and shipping instructions 7) Accounting and appropriation data 8) Method of payment and payment office (Payment may be made by credit card)

  30. Ordering Example 1 - Customer requires Qty. 5 Iridium 9505A Satellite Phones Use e-Buy to send an RFQ/RFP to all SATCOM-II contractors OR Look through posted contracts for existing CLINs Use contract links found at under the SATCOM-II contacts tab Review Bandwidth Service Matrix to find contractors that offer Iridium service – (There are 14) Review those contractor’s contracts for applicable CLINs and make selection

  31. Example 1 continued: Through e-Buy: Customer notifies all SATCOM-II contractors of this potential business (fair opportunity) Contractor responds to RFQ/RFP with proposal through eBuy stating contract CLINs and pricing Customer CO sends notification of winning contractor to bidders

  32. Ordering Example 2 - Customer requires customized COTS solution for Broadcast Services to multiple locations The desired solution does not exist on any contract Use e-Buy to send an RFQ/RFP to all SATCOM-II contractors Go through process as described for Example 1 Contractors will need to modify their contracts to add new solutions before the new solution can be ordered. SATCOM-II Modification Process must be completed

  33. Ordering Example 3 - Customer requires 6 MHZ of Global C- Band Coverage Bandwidth for a Year Use e-Buy to send an RFQ/RFP to all SATCOM-II contractors (following same process as described for Example 1) OR Look through posted contracts for existing CLINs Use contract links found at under the SATCOM-II contacts tab Review Bandwidth Service Matrix to find contractors that offer C-Band service – (There are 22) Review those contractor’s contracts for applicable CLINs

  34. For Additional Information: GSA’s Web Portal SATCOM-II Program Office Jim Russo 703-306-6631 Annette Cole 703-306-7670 Anita Keeler 703-306-6306 SATCOM-II Contracts Office Robert Hayhurst 703-306-6443 Patti Stang 703-306-6404 Frank Krempa