doctor mold is the premier choice among n.
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Mold Remediation West Palm Beach FL PowerPoint Presentation
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Mold Remediation West Palm Beach FL

Mold Remediation West Palm Beach FL

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Mold Remediation West Palm Beach FL

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  1. Doctor Moldis the premier choice among restoration companies in South Florida Doctor Mold uses the latest technology. Our technicians are IICRC and IAQA certified, and follow the S-500 guidelines.theindustry. 855-211-6653

  2. Water Extraction Water is considered the earth's most precious resource. It accounts for approximately 70% of the earth's surface, has strong bonding properties and the ability to dissolve materials.  Water is essential for life. However, excessive water has the potential to cause many problems in the built environment.  The elements necessary to support microbial growth are always present; all that is required to initiate of microbial growth is the addition of excess moisture.

  3. Smoke and Soot Removal Even a small fire can cause extensive smoke damage. For best results and to avoid difficult stains, you should try to remove smoke char and soot as quickly as possible. Soot is oily and easily stains carpets, draperies and other household textiles. For this reason you must remove it before you attempt to clean or deodorize items. Smoke odor may remain in clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets and draperies unless they are properly deodorized before cleaning. A major consideration in determining the degree of smoke penetration throughout a structure is the temperature generated by the fire. The severity of soot contamination is directly related to combustion time, heat and of the presence of oxygen. 

  4. Contact Us 561-405-6945 109 NW 43th Street Boca Raton, FL 33431