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Motorola Mobility Services Platform PowerPoint Presentation
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Motorola Mobility Services Platform

Motorola Mobility Services Platform

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Motorola Mobility Services Platform

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  1. Motorola Mobility Services Platform Management Software: Stage Edition

  2. Agenda • Key mobility challenge: mobile device deployment • The solution: automated staging • Key features and benefits • The value proposition • Why Motorola • Motorola Enterprise Mobility Services

  3. Manual staging:The issues • Staging requires multiple steps: • Manual device configuration • installation of software • delivery of devices to end-users • Very time-consuming and costly • Error prone when executed manually • Can delay the realization of benefits

  4. The solution:Automated staging capabilities Advanced out-of-box automated and remote staging with Motorola Mobility Services Platform (MSP) 3 Stage Edition

  5. Motorola MSP 3 Stage Edition • Centralized and remote staging capabilities • Dramatically simplifies the staging of as many as tens of thousands of mobile devices around the world — in minutes instead of months • Comprehensive flexible features to automate this heavily manual process • Frees up hundreds of hours of IT time • Eliminates staging errors — and the resulting time required by IT and employees to correct • Enables a rapid realization of benefits from your enterprise mobility solution

  6. Key features and benefits

  7. Features and benefits Flexible and secure configuration methods ActiveSync, cradle or on connection to a pre-defined staging network Plug-in support Enables expansion of services and customization of staging capabilities Template based configuration Superior level of automation Customizable user messages Native language messages guide end-users through steps, eliminating confusion or delays Built-in staging client No need to load the staging agent for true out-of-the-box staging, unlike competitive solutions

  8. Features and benefits Enhanced enterprise scalability Supports up to 60,000 mobile devices from a single server, and 2,000 remote sites True on-demand staging Central execution via a server or local execution via a laptop Software-only solution No appliance required, works on any Windows 2003 server MSP 2.x compatible Protects current investment for existing Motorola MSP customers Conforms to industry standards Maximum stability and maximum uptime at a low cost

  9. Motorola MSP 3 Stage Edition:Real business value

  10. Rapid return on investment (ROI) • The right functionality at the right price Manual mobile device one-time deployment cost: $40 to $100 per deviceInitial staging only: does not including ongoing updates for applications, operating systems or firmware Motorola MSP Stage Edition $15 per device Ongoing staging: including ongoing updates for applications, operating systems or firmware

  11. Reduce costs and improve productivity • Less time = less cost • Increase productivity Eliminates virtually hundreds of hours in IT time Significantly reduces the operational expenditures (OPEX) typically associated with the initial deployment of mobility solutions High value IT staff now has more time to focus on more strategic business issues and initiatives

  12. Reduce costs and improve productivity • Extensible — adapts to • evolving needs • Cost-effective MSP 2.x • migration path Leverage existing technology investments Further reduce ROI Protecting against the need for a forklift upgrade Single solution easily expands via plug-ins to enable control over settings for the specific devices, applications, accessories and wireless networks in use in the enterprise

  13. Superior scalability • Buy what you need today — easily and • cost-effectively add what you need tomorrow Cost-effective modular licensing price model Quickly and easily add licenses as needed to meet increased capacity demands Investment protection — what you buy today easily scales to meet the demands of a growing workforce

  14. Why Motorola

  15. Why Motorola?The industry leader you can trust • World-wide leader in mobility solutions — inventor of bar code scanning, first and second generation WLAN architecture, and many other technology innovations • Trusted the world over by the largest enterprises • Proven technology • Innovative technology differentiators • Deep enterprise experience across industries with tried and true industry best-practices

  16. Motorola Enterprise Mobility Services

  17. Services for Motorola MSP 3 The following Enterprise Mobility Services are available to ensure peak performance throughout the lifecycle of your Motorola MSP 3 mobility management solution: • Advanced Servicesprovide assistance with assessment through design and implementation to ensure rapid deployment of a Motorola MSP 3 management solution • Customer Servicesprovide the ongoing post-deployment support you need to keep your management solution up and running at peak performance and always up-to-date with: • Around the clock access to technical support resources • Rights to software updates and releases • Access to electronic support information

  18. Why Motorola Enterprise Mobility Services? • Protects your investment and helps you maintain the highest levels of functionality and support • Offers more complete coverage at a lower cost — truly more for less • Price-protected fixed costs • Easy on the budget • Covers much more than the standard warranty • Provides service peace of mind • Completes your solution

  19. MSP 3 Advanced Services at-a-glance

  20. MSP 3 Customer Services at-a-glance

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