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New Due Date!

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New Due Date!

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New Due Date!

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  1. New Due Date! FINAL Persuasion Essay will now be due… • March 11th for Periods 3 & 5 • March 12th for Periods 2, 4, 6

  2. Rough Draft! We will be doing peer editing so Rough Drafts will be due on • March 8th – Periods 3, 5 • March 9th- Periods 2, 4, 6 Typed Rough drafts will be receive extra credit.

  3. What will be included in my Final grade? • Typed outline • Rough Draft • Final Draft • Works Cited (I will provide a handout to guide you on how this should be formatted) • Be prepared to present your topic to persuade your audience (the class)

  4. How do I include Ethos in my paper? • Just to clarify, the strategy of “Ethos” is being able to identify your character through your writing. • It is not anything specific that you have to include in your paper, but more about how “professional and credible” you present your paper. • Example: use of vocabulary, paragraph structure, evidence, critical thinking, etc.

  5. Three Direct Quotes • In your paper, you will need to include three direct quotes from any of the three sources that you use. • YOU DO NOT need to include quotes from the article “Three Ways to Persuade” but you should read over the article just in case you are still not comfortable using the three strategies.

  6. Due Monday/Tuesday • You must have your introductory paragraph and first body paragraph complete. • The first body paragraph will be your first argument. • This paper needs to be written in third person! Don’t want to see “I think its wrong because…” “Abortion is bad because….”

  7. Work Cited/Rubric • Next week, you will receive a guide on how to set up your work cited and the rubric in which your paper will be graded.

  8. How do I start my introduction? • Your introduction should hook your reader's attention • Provide background information on your topic or controversy. • Explain why/how you will be arguing your position. • The paragraph should end with a clear statement of your main idea or point of view.

  9. Sample Intro 1 • The majority of high schools have kept a starting time that was begun in the 1920’s when students needed to get back to their farms to tend to chores. This means that class still starts at 7:30 am, which current research proves is the worst time for the teen mind. Why then do we continue to use a system that we know doesn’t work well for the very students that the school is trying to teach? To ensure student success, we must change our schedule to start school at 10 am.

  10. Sample Introduction 2 • Today the cell phone is considered a prerequisite for becoming a teenager. The sound of a ring or a buzz has become normal and is often dismissed as nothing. Some schools however are taking a stand against the wireless device. Schools in New York often use metal detectors not only to catch knives and guns but also cell phones. The cell phone has had nothing but a bad influence in schools because many students use them to cheat on tests, text during class, or take inappropriate pictures in the locker room.